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The elimination is the Town's collective killing method. The majority of living players (both Town and scum) generally must agree on who to eliminate by casting votes for the person they want to see dead.

This is frequently the Town's only means of killing anyone, and in most cases it is the most reliable way of doing so as well. In particular, the only active ability a Vanilla Townie has is the ability to help direct who gets eliminated on a given Day.

Once a player receives a majority vote, that player is typically killed at the earliest opportunity the moderator gets. Upon death, the moderator will reveal the deceased player's role and alignment (unless the game mechanics say otherwise). Afterward, the game will proceed to Night.

Elimination, which means death by being voted out, should not be confused with the old definition of elimination, which means to wipe out a certain faction.

"Elimination" is a term meaning to get rid of or remove, this fits the mechanical implications of elimination, which effectively removes a player slot from play.

Moderators may use other terms for the elimination (such as exile, voting out, or execution) if they wish.


A miselimination is when a Townie is eliminated, whether Vanilla or a Power Role.

See also MeLo (a common abbreviation for Miseliminate and Lose).

The term "Lynch"

"Lynch" is a term that refers to an extrajudicial killing, and fits with the traditional theme of the players forming an angry mob. Due to the harshly racial history of that term in the US, the Town's collective killing method may not be referred to as the lynch on MafiaScum.