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A Deadline is a time limit imposed by the moderator for the current phase.

During the Day, an elimination must be reached within a deadline. If not, moderators differ between whether the player with the most votes is eliminated or if there is simply No Elimination that Day.

During the Night, all Night actions must be received by the deadline. A moderator who is lax on this may drag the game down during the Night while waiting for actions.

Here are a few methods that have been used to instate deadlines:

  • Some moderators will set fixed deadlines at the beginning of each Day. This has been criticized as allowing players to stall Days out until the fixed deadline without penalty.
  • Some moderators will vary when the deadline will fall according to how many players are alive at the beginning of the Day.
  • Some moderators will use Bankable Deadlines, which are discussed on the linked page.
  • Some moderators will simply not instate deadlines at all unless they feel that the game is dragging, at which time they will set deadlines very soon after they make their decision. This has been criticized as capricious and lazy modding.