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Forum Profile

About Me

One day, I was searching around for ideas for roles (I was a fan of Mafia due to being introduced to it on the Rizon IRC network, and was moderating a game on the "Fun and Games" section of an obscure forum, which never started due to lack of people) and Yahoo directed me to this website; a Mafia Wiki. Seemed like what I was looking for, so I clicked the link.

Things sort of spiraled out of control from there.

By the way, I know this doesn't really relate to the subject, but don't you hate it when people search through the entire forum for one post some guy made that makes them sound like they're good at Mafia, and then proudly pin it on their signature for the entire world to see? In my opinion, if you're good at Mafia, you don't need a signature quote saying so.

Mafia Records

Games Played: 4
Games Finished: 4
Games Replaced Into: 1
Games Completed: 4
Games Moderated: 1
Time On Site: 11 months
Won: 3/4 (3 Town)
Lost: 1/4 (1 Town)
Tied: 0/4
Dropped Out: 0/4
Game Abandoned: 0
Lynched: 2/4 (2 Town)
Night Killed: 1/4 (1 Town)
Suicide: 0/3
Survived: 1/4 (1 Town)
Dropped Out: 0/3
Pro-Town: 4/4
Anti-Town: 0/4
Neutral: 0/4

Games Played

- Mini Normal Games (Little Italy) -

Mini Normal 895 - The Eek Farm -- Townie -- Nightkilled N2
Presumably, my powers of persuasion have become enhanced since my last game; I was able to be insturmental in both of the game's bandwagons. Sadly, both those bandwagons were against townies (a vaguely suspicious Vanilla Townie who I probably could have avoided lynching, and a Cop that not a single one of the eight lynchers shed a tear for.) Presumably, the mafia felt like I was getting too close to taking them out, since I was nightkilled on Night 2. Sadly for them, though, the town picked it up in LYLO and the replacement vigliante turned out to be epic, and all three scum were elminated in the next two phases. And yet again, I have won completely through other's compotence overshadowing my own lack of skill! :3


Open 203 - C/9 -- Townie -- Survived
Replaced jmj3000 Day 2

I managed to eliminate some of the MAH BOI present in this game with actual strategy, and the game's intelligence factor seemed to pick up over time.

After the mod disappeared from the face of the earth, farside22 was kind enough to try and pick it up, but due to extreme general scumminess from other people and a Townie falseclaiming cop for no reason whatsoever, the mafia ended up taking the win with no casualties.

Hey, at least I survived this time.

- Newbie Games (The Road to Rome) - (SE)

Newbie 836 -- Townie -- Lynched D1
I didn't do very well when this game started out, but I feel my strategem became better and more offensive later on; however, the town ended up becoming convinced to lynch me when I tried to push the lynch of a claimed cop I was convinced was mafia (It would have been a better idea, as I now realize, to just wait until day 2 and see if he survived to push a lynch, as everyone else was advocating. Even worse, this person was actually the cop. Oops.) In the end, my attempt to soft-counterclaim cop fell through, and I was bandwagoned. (Fortunately, the town still managed to lynch both scum and come out on top.) From this game, I have learned that Mafia requires much critical thinking and strategy, neither of which I possess much of; however, I still have an avid interest in the creation of roles, and wish to try my hand at moderating, which I believe would better suit me.
Newbie 849 -- Cop -- Lynched D3
Being the Cop, I fell back on a strategem of active lurking to avoid being lynched; this worked for a while, but eventually a claim was forced out of me, as well as the Doctor. For a while, it looked as though the "confirmed" power roles were going to carry the town to victory, but on Night 2, the roleblocker chose killing over roleblocking (he couldn't do both). Since nobody in the game had realized this, (I had to be informed of it later) I was swiftly lynched. In the last round, the person I had confirmed was replaced; fortunately, the replacer saw through the scum's ploy and lynched successfully.

Games Moderated

- Mini Normal Games (Little Italy) -

Mini 964: Another Mafia -- Mafia Win
The first game I've moderated. Seems to be going about average, for what I've seen; Sadly, the scourge of players who join Mafia games but don't want to play them caused many people to drop out of the game, but the community was ridiculously fast at helping out my game.

The mafia and players who replaced them ended up doing rather well, and due to quite a few bad moves by the town and a selection of mad skillz, the mafia were the winrars.

Handy Catch-all Statements

" it me, or does this game seem to have slowed waaaaay down?" -Chinaman

"So many players need a swift kick in the ass right now." - yabbaguy

"/conform" - crazypianist1113

"He was being delibarately stupid and ridiculous. That's different from making a RV with a comment." -Empking

"c ya boyz town loses" - Lubabah

"You epic fail at counting." - Linehouse

"You know, people who don't want to play games of Mafia should really stop signing up for them." - Azelf

"ok" - Jag Johan

"I think the word 'fiasco' would be a good one here." - Albus Dumbledore