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You may be wondering what or who Skip is.


This is not a cat. (According to skip anyway)

Its the same shape as cat, but it is easy to tell the difference as it is not evil, and cats are evil.

Skip may or may not appear in a game you play with AxleGreaser. Being a Labrador he is however a sucker for sticks balls and food. While you may find it strange that a dog can talk and may want to believe its just Axle pretending to be a dog, life will probably make more sense if you actually buy into the 'illusion' and believe skip is a real dog that can type. If nothing else it will get you a better insight into what Axle actually means (as opposed to what you think he means) when he says Perspective. Skip >*is*< a dog from Axles perspective. Also from Skips perspective cats >*are*< evil (incarnate), but as skip is only a dog he has rather lot of trouble understanding that you may have different perspective on things, so it is usually best to humour Skip in this regard.

Skip as a puppy