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I did have ideas about what I would put here but they changed. They probably will change again.

Playing History Summary

(aka what people come here for) (see AxleGreaser/GamesList for links)

Forum Games not on Mafiascum (prior to joining MS)

6 Games

3 Town: Zero wins

3 Scum: One win

Details of those games? Not relevant as I've changed and so has the environment.

Significant Games on MafiaScum

(This wont include every game (currently does), but will be selected list of games updated and chosen when I don't have role PM) It will also include forward looking statements about games I will play in.

The flavor of the pending (pre in) game, may mean I need some prior disclaimers. So I will make them just in case the game turns out to be played that way. On the other hand we may just lynch people.

Newbie 1505 Vanilla Town: Loss

A getting to know you/me game. Merits: I posted quite a bit, and wrote walls, reading it ought give some insight into what happens behind the curtain. Limitations: Its a newbie game, hence not like games which are not. Its my first game here, and I have zero games here before it, I now have many(infinite) times more games on MS that I can expect other players may look at, hence all future games wont need to be as self contained as that one was.

AKA Primary Mafia Game over.

Primary Mafia GameThread
Scum wins. Booooo. 
actually hilarious GG

Twin Trap : Game Over

Twin Trap GameThread
My >>ongoing game<< status (dead flipped)

Town won. yay. I was town double yay. (First blood.)

Replaced into Masquerade: Game over

Link NY178: Masquerade Town Loss

This is probably a bad game for some kinds of direct meta comparisons as significant RL stuff impacted me. YMMV. Your problem. My reads however were rather accurate.

Jabberwocky: First Scum game. Vigged N1

Link The Flip (Scum [-loss-] was stomped.)

newbie 1593: OMG. Second Scum and won

Game Game ova Yeah. Ok. I spent most of that game in my head saying Woe is me, there is no way out. The POE monster is coming for me. and then there was.

So that's some scum meta.


#1: Frog Mafia! : Mini Normal 1707 ; Fro99er

#2: Nyctapolis II: Flower Viewing Festival: Large NY189; pieguyn

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