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Game Moderator Start Date Alignment Role Fate Description
Roll Call I callforjudgement 7/03/19 Town Multitasking Townie Endgamed In my opinion, my reads were quite good compared to the rest of the town, but in the end they weren't very impactful. We got distracted and ended up getting swept.
Micro 871 schadd_ 5/20/19 Town Vanilla Townie Voted out D1 Got one scum correct. Townread the other one. In any case, my play was terrible.
Micro 864 northsidegal 4/04/19 Town Public Loved Survived Read one mafia correctly on D1 but disappointingly townread the other until D3.
Mini 2051 schadd_ 12/27/18 Town Vanilla Townie Voted out D3 Separate jury made the votes. Had good reads but wasn't active enough and got voted out by the jury.