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Aneninen/Completed games

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Newbie 1513 – Lingo Linguistics Link

Modded by Cabd Role Vanilla Townie
Entered the game Start Ended Lynched at LyLo
Overall Fun 3 My Gameplay 3
Outcome Scum win
Story: That was my first game on MafiaScum.

I got annoyed very early and that determined many things in the game.

However, I had been in the queue for more than a week before the game finally began. It started about 3 days later because some of the players didn't pick their Role PM at all. So, it took almost two weeks to get into a game after I had signed to the forum. After this I got FoS-ed and attacked for silly reasons on early-Day1. Of course, I wouldn't care about it too much now, but I got upset because I thought that I would get lynched quickly and I would need to queue for a long time again to get into another game.

The overall atmosphere was terrible, partly because of me: I thought that the more experienced players were scum and they wanted to get rid of the newbies, because of "why not". (A thing like that is very common in most situations (projects, work, friendship, etc.) both on the Internet and In Real Life in my country.) No surprise that my "theory" was wrong.

On Day3 I solved the game, but after my early gameplay no one really cared. In the Death Thread even the townies were for the remaining scum, saying that "he's ace in the game" (in reality he did almost nothing) and there was a mere comment about me, something like "lol, he has solved the game".

Summary: I'd never be such a bad-tempered player if I were in the same game now. But, it wasn't only me who was responsible for the bad atmosphere. The town could have paid attention to my later posts; the gameplay of a Newbie can change a lot during a single game.

Mini 1584 – Neuroscience Mafia Link

Modded by Kagami Role Town Mason
Entered the game Start Ended Lynched at LyLo
Overall Fun 8 My Gameplay 7
Outcome Scum win
Story: Like wow, my fist non-Newbie and I even had a town-PR.

Although I got involved in an unnecessary fight on Day1, I got out of it later. I enjoyed almost everything in this game. We lynched Mafia on Day1 and his partner on Day2. Overall, I managed to be funny and focused at the same time.

Unfortunately it was a Multiball. We thought that there were an SK. As far as I can remember, I posted once "what if there's another scumgroup" but my idea was turned down. Too bad that I was right. On Day2 there was a massive fight between Thor and Elyse. We lynched Thor and gave a free pass to Elyse, even if I strongly thought that she was scum. Actually, she was – and I didn't think that the fight was a scum-vs-scum fight.

On Day3 we mislynched (BlueBloodedToffe, I think) and we didn't even know that we were at a LyLo on Day4. I got quicklynched by the Werewolves in the middle of a conversation while I was having dinner.

As a Mason, I had fun. MuffinMan was hard defending me, I was distancing (we lost our third member, MDD-hydra at Night1), maybe I overdid it a bit... but I simply didn't have time to finish my reads at LyLo.

The whole game was a bit unlucky. There were no crosskills and after killing the Mafias we didn't suspect that there might be Werewolves. (Nothing referred to the existence of another scum team.)

Summary: This was one of the best games I've been in. The atmosphere (apart from one thing) was good, the people were fun to play with. We were good. The scums were better. Gratz, Elyse, Fat_Tony!

Mini 1585 – Muskoka Murder Mystery Link

Modded by BipolarChemist Role Vanilla Townie
Entered the game Start Ended Killed at Night5 (?)
Overall Fun 6 My Gameplay 2
Outcome Scum win
Story: This was terrible.

The Tracker (ChaosLord) targeted me early and because of this, the claims and the flips I had every information to solve the game, I should only have read the players...

...but I did nothing. I collected every bit of info, posted them and waited for the others to solve the game. Since they didn't believe that I was town, nothing happened. As a respond I made absolutely no effort. I watched how a wagon dissolved after my hammer-intent – this made Konowa (who was scum) live for another two days.

On my last day I started to pull myself and my thoughts together but that was too late. By the way my reads were wrong too.

Summary: I could have won this one for the town if I had done something... anything. The game itself was fun (I especially liked the flavor), but I consider this my worst gameplay so far.

Mini 1601 – B_E's Mind Mafia Link

Modded by Burning_Earth Role Vanilla Townie
Entered the game Replaced in, Day1 Ended
Overall Fun 5 My Gameplay 6
Outcome Abandoned
Story: I replaced into a very scummy slot. I still managed to survive the Day. Next Day I started to strengthen my position, which was good, considering that my slot had almost been lynched before I arrived.

Actually it hadn't been almost. Due to a Mod Error my slot had actually been lynched before I replaced into, and because of this the game was abandoned.

Open 567 – Pick Your Power Link

Modded by burn_209 Role Town Neighbourizer
Entered the game Start Ended
Overall Fun 4 My Gameplay 5
Outcome Abandoned
Story: The game started good, but because of general inactivity it slowed down later. The prods were infrequent, plenty of players were lurking, left the game, flaked out etc. In the end the mod disappeared too (as far as I can remember) and the Backup mod couldn't salvage all the necessary info for going on with the game.

It's a pity. I neibourized a scum (Hershey Kiss) at Night1 and she thought that she were be able to fool me all the time. Of course I never told her that I FoS-ed her (partly because picking Tracker instead of Jailkeeper, partly because her lurky style, partly because of intuition). If the game hadn't been abandoned, we could have had an interesting fight. I hope there'll be a "match" between us somewhere in the future...

Mini 1602 Link

Modded by SleepyKrew Role Vanilla Townie
Entered the game Start Ended Survived
Overall Fun 8 My Gameplay 6
Outcome Town win
Story: That was such a cute little game. On Day1 we were about to lynch Neil but he claimed Cop. By examining parallel games I managed to make it sure that he was scum.

The game got stalled later many times. Although I couldn't use this info, I learned how to read this phenomenon. (See above!) Even if I lost focus a couple of times, jumped on terrible wagons, at the end I posted a possible solution. Although it was half-baked at best, it was enough for Bert to finish my case and win the game for us.

The modding was excellent. The death scenes with our avatars were funny, SleepyKrew was always focused and I especially liked his PMs: whenever I was getting close to a prod, he sent me a PM.

Summary: Funny game, good players, good atmosphere, excellent modding. I could have been better but my acceptable performance was enough, fortunately.

Newbie 1532 – Whammy! Link

Modded by Cabd Role Vanilla Townie
Entered the game Day 2 Ended Survived
Overall Fun 7 My Gameplay 8
Outcome Town win
Story: One of the games I'm really proud of.

I arrived to a terribly scummy slot. By that time both PRs in the game soft-claimed. My catch-up and my forthcoming game was terrible, I scumread one of the PR-s first and misread the whole Setup next.

But, I managed to turn all of my errors into advantages, including that I'd misread the setup. On Day3 I solved the game and this time I was able to push my scumread to lynch. (Although, I was lucky that on Day2 the other scum didn't hammer me when he could have done so and he ended up getting lynched.)

Also, I met a couple of players fun to play with.

Newbie 1544 – Shakespeare Mafia Link

Modded by Fferyllt Role Mafia Roleblocker
Entered the game Replaced in Day 1 Ended Survived
Overall Fun 7 My Gameplay 9
Outcome Scum win
Story: To tell the truth, this game was not only about my skill; I was also wery lucky.

I replaced into a null-slot. My catch-up was very "townish". My scumbuddy was unfortunately scumread by some, but there were stronger scumreads. The only player (NachoMamma) who started scumreading me on Day1 got quicklynched without my assistance. (Lol!)

On Day2 I found out that Malakitty is the Cop and she had investigated my buddy, WBOCampfire. As I realized I joined the wagon instantly. Meanwhile I found the Doctor too, Aphix on the same Day. So, at Night I blocked Kitty and killed Aphix.

On Day3 I wasn't wagoned at all. I let the town fight and yet again, they performed a nice little mislynch without my assistance. I knew that I couldn't fool Malakitty... but she had to die at Night anyway.

On Day4 I was a douchebag. House voted for me. I started whining then he moved his vote to Shinobi. I hammered and the Day was over in 6 posts or so.

Summary: Fferyllt gave us one of the best flavours I've ever seen. Her modding was great too. Everything went perfectly in this game.

Open 573 – C9++ Link

Modded by Jingle Role Mafia Goon
Entered the game Start Ended Killed at Night5
Overall Fun 7 My Gameplay 7
Outcome Serial Killer Win
Story: That was my very first scumgame. (Shakespeare Mafia ended earlier but started much later than this game.) Having read the game back it's obvious that I could have been better, but I think my performance was good – especially because everything went in the wrong way.

On Day1 I got 2 or 3 votes but it was gone later. The Day ended with a time-out NoLynch which was ick. On Day2 I deathtunneled Wgeurts and it seemed that we were doing fine. But at Night2 we shot Heartless (hydra of TellTaleHeart and Antihero), who were 1-shot Bulletproof SK and they shot my Scumbuddy, 50Shades (hydra of Nachomamma and Pirate Mollie) in return. (Before Day3 we didn't even think that there was an SK at all.)

On Day3 I was away from the mislynch, on Day4 I joined in the end. I chose a bad Nightkill for Night3 and after that it was too late to kill the SK. (In short: it would have been risky not to kill confirmed townies later.) We have too double-kills (Night1, Night3) and they were blocked at Night4 (by the Roleblocker, whom I killed at that Night). In short: they were scumhunting all the time but I had no chance to find it out. I thought they were WIFOMizing the game. Meanwhile my mislynch plan claimed town-PR – another bad twist. To the top of it, Fonz got replaced into the game on Day5 and he basicly solved it very quickly. My only chance was to kill a townie and get into a 1:1:1 on Day6... but I got killed. Heartless had an awesome gameplay, they deserved the win. (By the way, the town was unable to lynch a single scum in six Days... lol.)

Summary: I hope I would do it better now but I'm still content with this game. The only mistake I made was the Night3 kill but I'm not sure that I would have won if I had killed Heartless instead. Shyt happens sometimes.

Newbie 1552 – The Red Mafia Link

Modded by ArcAngel9 Role Vanilla Townie (IC slot)
Entered the game Start Ended Lynched at LyLo
Overall Fun 6 My Gameplay 5
Outcome Scum win
Story: My first IC game ever. Apart from this, there's not much to talk about. It was an average game. Day1 ended with a derphammer-mislynch (performed by one of the scums). On Day2 Jingle death-tunneled Yakko, sorry to say, I got fooled by him. On Day3 the Tracker conf-scumread Jingle. (His gameplay after that was really, really funny.) I don't know why the town went for a NoLynch here. On Day4 we finally lynched Jingle and on next Day I solved the game. A pity that GGG didn't believe me. That's all.

Open 579 – Pick your (Chocolate) Power X/Y Link

Modded by Insanity018 Role Town Night3 Vigilante
Entered the game Start Ended Killed at Night3
Overall Fun 7 My Gameplay 4
Outcome Town Win
Story: At the draft I went for number 1, only to keep away the scums from an easy-got PR. Surprisingly, I ended up being 6th.

I was doing well for a while, even if I had to soft-claim my PR. It would have been even better if I hadn't killed MathDino at Night3. He was confirmed by the Cop but the scums were very helpful and I did everything much worse than I should have done. Ollie, while going down on Day3 strengthened my scumread and AdrienC quickhammered his buddy. So, they were preparing a nice little WIFOM for me (am I right about MathDino or not?) and hoping that I would f-ck it up. Eventually, I did.

The remaining townies won the game for us (Druuge and Formerfish did it very well). As for myself? At least I made the game ...more exciting.

Summary: Well, let's see the bright side. My next Vigilante performance can be only better than this. (Post-edit: not much better. When I was Vig for the next time, I managed to kill the same player as the scums did and I got blocked next.)

Open 577 – Hope Plus One Link

Modded by TheElkSpeaks Role Town Macho Doctor
Entered the game Start Ended Killed at Night2
Overall Fun 6 My Gameplay 5 (?)
Outcome Scum win
Story: We had no chance at all. The other Doc was forced to claim on Day1. The scums killed our Cop at Night1. Somehow they caught me during the next Day, I got killed too. But the worst was still ahead. On Day3 Copper counter-claimed our Doc, Acryon and made the town lynch him. Even we who were in the death topic thought that Copper was the real Doc. From that point it was tehnically over.
Summary: I don't know whether I was good or bad, the scumteam simply outplayed us. They got nominated too.

NY 578 – The Masquerade Link

Modded by Aegor Role Town Neighbour
Entered the game Start Ended Killed at Night1
Overall Fun 4 My Gameplay ?
Outcome Mafia win
Story: That was my first Large game ever.

While I was playing I thought that the atmosphere was terrible. At least three players were scumreading me regardless of my posts. There were more, I think, but those whom I remember (TSO, Garmr and Slandaar) were all scums. A pity because I had a scumread on TSO and one of his partners (because of their interaction) and on the other two players too... but I wasn't skilled enough to solve the situation.

Later I got known that the Werewolf team killed me because they thought I was a Cop. That was wrong but I was an obviously good kill. TSO made it to the end and won the game for the Mafia.

Open 583 – JK9++ Link

Modded by Jackal Role Mafia Bus-Driver
Entered the game Start Ended Survived
Overall Fun 8 My Gameplay 8
Outcome Joint Mafia/SK win
Story: I think we had a great team (the other scums were Wickedstjr and Heartless). We kept the distance all the time. Later on Day1 it almost went wrong for me (because of IRL things I lost focus) but the game ended with a Mislynch.

The town had 6 PRs and even if there were a mass-claim we managed to hint that some of the PRs were lying. I think I'm proud of the part where I used Setup speculation, maths and probabilities to "find scums" and luckily, the town went along with it and didn't realize that I wasn't scumhunting at all. By that time everyone thought that I was town. Even BBT, who was Hider, picked me as his target (although he had been scumreading me on Day1.)

He was tracked by Vettrock so by Day3 I was conf-scum but there were too few non-Mafia alive so my lynch never happened. It was a joint victory with Mastin (the SK) – if the game had gone along the outcome would have been the same most probably.

Summary: I think I'll remember this game forever, lol. We even got a nomination. Although I don't think we'd win, getting a nomination after having been on Mafiascum for 8 months or so is not bad at all.

Street Racers: London (Large Theme) Link

Modded by StrangerCoug Role Death Bikers Mafia (Red Scum) Ninja
Entered the game Start Ended Lynched on Day2
Overall Fun 6 My Gameplay 3
Outcome Metropolitan Police Mafia (Blue Scum) win
Story: In short: I f-cked it up seriously. Because of IRL things I got unfocused on late-Day1 and early-Day2. Apart from me everyone spotted that I'm scummy so I got quickwagoned. As I noticed that all of the active players were scumreading me I decided to finish it quickly. I posted an idiotic claim (I didn't think that anyone would believe it) and by self-hammering I wrote a huge WIFOM (including the claim too.) I think it bought us some time but way not enough. (A pity that the WIFOM died out on Day3.) Our team was weak (apart from Kaboose, he really tried everything) and the other Mafia team was very good. Sooner or later all most of the good and active townies were out of the game. Metropolitan Police Mafia deserved the win.
Summary: Next time I shouldn't post anything if I know that I'm unfocused. Although there was a small Mod Error, both the modding and the theme/mod texts were great. (And that error didn't change anything.)

What I really didn't like was the post-game arguments. (Even if no one talked about me.) Multiballs are swingy by nature. Also, sometimes certain factions consist of better players than others. It's neither the Mod's nor the Setup's fault if a game swings and favors a faction over the others. It's also pointless to shout at the others how terrible their gameplay was. Mafia is a game. Sometimes you win even if you're terrible, sometimes you lose even if you do your best. Deal with it, dear players!

Mini 1636: Mafialand Mayhem Link

Modded by Riddleton; Replaced by N Role Vanilla Townie
Entered the game Start Ended Killed at Night2
Overall Fun 6 My Gameplay 5
Outcome Mafia win
Story: The game itself was nothing special – of course, this goes for the Days I was alive. I guessed one scum right, I had a couple of good townreads but no idea about the other scums. I don't think the town did this particularly well, however it's easy to say things like thet when you're out of a game.

What I really hated was the endgame discussion. One of the scums (||||) started posting awful messages and even offended certain players. Even if it wasn't about me, it was terrible to read it.

Summary: Again, why can't everyone get the simple fact that Mafia is a f-cking game ?!? Why must certain players act like idiots? Can't we just play and have fun?

Mini 1645: BooneyToonz I – The Creepy Caravansaray Link

Modded by Boonskiies Role Mafia Tracker
Entered the game Start Ended Survived
Overall Fun 7 My Gameplay 8
Outcome Mafia win
Story: Day1 started terribly, RadiantCowbells was scumreading me for silly-looking reasons. So did Massive. But, soon everything changed. RadiantCowbells was outed, just as the Even-Night Vig (VDA), and I realized that Massive was Regardless Of Card-ing me. We killed the Vig and I tracked Massive who turned out to be scum.

On Day2 I deathtunneled Massive, who flipped SK. (Frankly, this game was very unlucky for him. After all, he was right about me.) Day3's No Lynch was a thing I wasn't happy about and BBT, whom we wanted to kill (and whose predecessor, Farside, crumbed Vig) turned out to be a 1-Shot Bulletproof. I claimed my PR and even if some doubted my claim, no one seemed to think about the possibility of a Mafia tracker. The MyLo was ridiculously lucky: Flubber was at L–2 and we hammered him in less than a minute. TroubledTownie, my partner, managed to build up a decent town image, his replacement, Varsoon was lurking successfully while I was one of the players leading the discussion.

Summary: We were lucky in this game, while everything went terribly for the town and for the SK.

Also, this game confirms that having a Daychat is a very big advantage for the scumteam. Hadn't we had a Daychat, we couldn't have organized the quickhammer with Varsoon at all.

Mini 1644: Double Trouble (Bastard Game) Link

Modded by Shos Role Town Voyeur
Entered the game Replaced in, Day 1 Ended Survived
Overall Fun 9 My Gameplay lololol
Outcome Mafia win and see the Story!
Story: Apart from me every player was an alt.

I entered the game, caught up easily, but later I simply had no idea what was going on. Especially after Day2 when I caught Kagaminette lying about her Night Action and she flipped... town. (As if we could trust the flips at all...)

I wanted to ISO and examine everything but I think I lost my interest in doing so after the town lynched one of my townreads (the only player I'd ISO-ed by then).

I ended up in a 4-player MyLo/LyLo. Yet again, I caught a "liar", Cursive. By scumreading him I thought that there might be two scum factions alive and the more I thought about the game the surer I was that I was a kingmaker at best. In the end I mislynched INAUFTA. (Cursive was telling the truth, he was a Vig for real.)

But, here comes the fun part of the story. There were alts in the game because both scums were fake players controlled by the Mod!!! Like wow! (Long ago once I was in a similar IRL game and I laughed out loud in the end.) Even if I had no chance to win, I found this idea hilarious. (Technically Shos framed Cursive for me.)

Summary: One of the most funny games I've ever had. Well played, Shos, well played!

Micro 447: Shameless Mafia (Theme Game) Link

Modded by Insanity018 Role Town 1-shot Commuter (Lip Gallagher)
Entered the game Start Ended Survived
Overall Fun 7 My Gameplay 6
Outcome Town Win
Story: I had a scumread on TierShift basically at the very start of the game – a pity that I was unable to build a case strong enough to get him lynched. It's especially Shameful (lololol), because he was at L–1 when we run out of Time on Day1 (and we ended up in a NoLynch). He managed to survive until Day3 (I almost got lynched), when Shos finally managed to post a viable case against him and this turned the tide.

At least I did well at LyLo and found the other scum. My PR didn't help the town at all, no one ever planned any kind of Night Action on me so I used it up at an insignificant Night.

Good modding with in-theme texts and gifs.

Summary: It would have been much better if I had been able to build a better case. TierShift did it well by exploiting this as much as he could.

Micro 451: Lucky Gif UPick (Theme Game) Link

Modded by Lucky2u Role Town Reflexive Treestump (Pigeon)
Entered the game Start Ended Survived
Overall Fun 7 My Gameplay 7
Outcome Town Win
Story: Finally! My first LyLo won as town! (Shameless Mafia ended a bit later.)

It was a really interesting game with funny gifs all around. Not only those we sent (the Mod assigned the roles and the alignments to the gifs we sent pre-game), but also the Mod posted some from time to time.

At the start I realized that with a PR like that the best I can do is getting Nightkilled as early as I can. So I played as if I were something important (I even crumbed Roleblocker, but no one spotted it), hinted all over that my gif is Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks. And I waited my Nightkill... which never arrived.

Hammering a scum on Day1 five minutes before Deadline was a thing I'm proud of. On the next Days I did it much less better but the real problem came at Massclaim. I knew if I posted the pigeon I chose, I'd be caught as a liar, so I had to go along with the lie I'd built before. I posted a very scummy gif of Laura Palmer and hoped that no one would think that I was scum. My logic was: oh my, if I were scum, would I tell the truth about this gif?

Actually it worked. I managed to make Kaboose vote for Espeonage at LyLo. It would have been better if I had understood anything about the interactions between the other PRs' Night Actions, but fortunately I never needed to do so. ^_^

Fun Fact: So far this was the only game where I didn't post any pigeons. (Apart from my first Newbie, although I posted storks there.)

Open 594: Stack the Deck Link

Modded by Korejora Role Town Vigilante
Entered the game Start Ended Survived
Overall Fun 5 My Gameplay 5
Outcome Town Win
Story: I missed most of Day1, therefore I was away from lynching an obv-scum player. During Night1 I caught up with the game... only to Vig-kill a townie. Fortunately, the scums killed the same person so I did no harm. (But the Nightkill itself tells a lot about the value of my action.) On Day2 I claimed the kill, asked everyone about the Nightkill – I thought that the scumkill had been blocked, but it had been a double-kill. Also, I managed to misread another scum who got lynched by the end of the Day. My next Nightkill would have been almost as bad... if the Roleblocker of the town (Texcat) hadn't stopped me.

My Day3 was much more useful. Not only did I post a semi-breaking strategy but also I found the remaining scum and we got him lynched in the end.

As for being a Vig, I didn't show any progress. It was sheer luck that I didn't hinder the town with my kills. If there were a prize for the Worst Vig of Mafiascum, I'd be nominated for sure.

Summary: I think this Setup seriously favours the town. The scums have to "pay" for enabling the Daychat, recruiting the Traitor and for every single possible PR. If they choose three options, the town will have five PRs and the game may be broken by mass-claiming sooner or later. If they choose less options, they will be very weak and the town will still have quite a lot of PRs.

Stack the Deck needs to be revised, in my opinion.

Open 181: Picking Simplicity Link

Modded by Nobody Special; Replaced by 4nxi3ty Role Town Cop
Entered the game Start Ended Killed at Night6
Overall Fun 6 My Gameplay 5
Outcome Town Win
Story: Before the game started I had decided that I'd perform a very different early-gameplay. So I wrote 3 sentences per post on Day1 (and maybe later too, until a certain point when I gave this up). It confused everyone and I got a couple of scumreads but I was never close to lynch. There were plenty of Day1 drama and I really disliked it (even if I wasn't involved). The Mafia didn't do it too well. After a Day1 modkill they lost a member because of the SK Kill and they didn't even try to save Wake's aß, who got lynched on Day2. After another Sk-Mafiakill and a mislynch, we lynched the remaining Mafia. I failed to find any of the Mafias and actually I townread both of the SK-Killed scums. The only good thing I did in mid-game was that I realized Ika fake-claimed Cop as town and I let him go along with it. He bought me some time but I couldn't use it. Although I had quite a few ideas who the SK might be, none of them worked. I wanted to stay in the "grey-zone" all game, not to get lynched and not to get Nightkilled. The first part went well, the second part didn't. Egg, the SK, played it very well, even if Dragonspawn and Pisskop managed to lynch him at LyLo.
Summary: The good thing is that I did it much better than I did in my previous large games. This time I didn't hurt my faction. On the other hand, I was useless. Both as scumhunter and as Cop. I don't think anything would have happened in a different way if I hadn't been in this game.

Newbie 1595: Mafiascum University Core Class 101 Link

Modded by Zar Role Vanilla Townie (IC slot)
Entered the game Start Ended Killed at Night3
Overall Fun 8 My Gameplay 6
Outcome Town Win
Story: This was my second game as an IC. Although I found one of the scums quite early I let myself distracted. (Partly because I made a terrible post very early and I needed to lie a lot about it later.) I was misreading both scums later. (I got a couple of strong and correct townreads, though.) My plan – fake-crumbing Doc and being over-confident at the end of Day3 – would have been perfect... if Snowstorm, whom I was Cop-reading, had been Cop. Actually I successfully "stole the Nightkill", although I don't think the scums would have killed the real PR (ChaosOmega), who was a Jailkeeper, not a Cop. Mainez fake-claimed Bulletproof (which fit the Setup) and played the whole game well. She lost because of getting Jailed in the end. Apart from being the IC, I don't think I added too much to this game.
Summary: Still, it was a great fight! Enough to say this: a Newbie with six Days! This game shows that Newbie games could be just as exciting as any other game. We were speculating a lot in the death thread about the game.