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Name Moderator Role Fate Decision
Newbie 982 - Shadows of Death Haylen Vanilla Townie Replaced Out D2 Mafia Win
I don't count this game towards my record, since I replaced out D2, but your first game is always fun to remember. I didn't know squat about mafia, except the basics, and most of my posts were scummy as hell, but I was never suspected probably because that's normal newbie behavior. Go take a look at my first post to get an idea of how newbie I actually was. (I started an argument with a player because of an RVS vote)


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision
Newbie 1009- The Wrath of Sudo! Sudo_Nym Vanilla Townie Endgamed Mafia Win
This time I was sure I was prepared for my real first game, but I was soon proven wrong. Anyway on D1 a stupid VT called Robbnva self hammered, and on day two the two scum faked a heated argument between each other which fooled me completely. On D3, I listed the possible scumteams, crossing out the teams who had argued against eachother (including the real scumteam) and I was left with one player who had to be scum according to the list. During the massclaim one of the scum fucked up and claimed cop with a doc result on a VT who had fakeclaimed doc (also a cop only gets a player's alignment), but I stuck to my reads and when I had to choose I picked my old suspect over the new one. This game taught me about bussing.