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This isn't a wiki page. I promise you that much.


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I'm agi102, a guy who exists on Earth.

Here are my, uh, completed games I guess?

Newbie 1436 from Malakittens

Yay for my first game as town, and my only completed game as town (BUT NOT ANYMORE), and my only completed game right now (BUT NOT ANYMORE). I derped so hard that Gravija (who was scum) immediately declared me either an idiot or trying to be such and wanted me to be replaced. Probably as a joke. I was a Cop, and I claimed Cop to prove Sakura Hana town d2 or something. Obviously Cops warrant scum kills, because they killed me, right about here. After Wisdom (who replaced Mario who did nothing who replaced Kazekirimaru who did a lot of stuff that looked town (too town to be town) who replaced Gravija) got lynched and flipped scum, LyLo occurred and Bert derped and voted Notscience who got quickhammered by Ffery-scum (who I actually had a slight suspicion on, oh joy). Good game, scum (especially Wisdom and KazewhoeverI'mtoolazytotypehisname and Ffery, well that's pretty much everyone who were older than 8 months on Mafiascum in the scumteam). You deserved the win. :)

Micro 250: kLu'ysc tarGe aeId lHenoawle kSoarpotalcu! from Lucky2u

Town won, perfect victory. Is that good? Not to me. I was a Werewolf Cop. What makes me a combination of sad, disappointed, and mad about this game is Town derplynched their way through ALL THE SCUM and got lucky with no NKs. Town scumhunted, but the quality of that scumhunting was pisspoor on days 1 and 4. (Days 2 and 3 were decent scumhunting, except Porkens interrupted Grim's pretty good scumhunting and MADE it pisspoor, and Day 3 seemed to be a derplynch by the fact that the scumhunting seemed reaaaaalllllllyyyyy dull) I say bg.

Micro 251: I Call Him Micro-Me from funkybike1

Third game. First bastard game. And bastard it is, and I'll try to dissect it into days for whoever reads this. Or tries to bother.

Day 1: I think people were just TRYING to get someone lynched in the first page (set a record or something). theslimer3 eventually got lynched. Then I had a brainfart and decided to be optimistic while maintaining a derp reasoning. Oh, and I think I quoted something and violated my PR. Because Flying Pumpkins that Shoot Lasers Out of Their Asses cannot quote things. But they can (try and fail to) be NK-Immune Miller Vigilantes! The next night no one died. Day 2: oman sht jes got srs A hammer appears akin to the cue of the one of the past Day of Firsts, oncoming 3 more days to be arriving in the future soon to come. A hammer on Hermy to be very exact. Then I called for PR claims. Suddenly, a wild Tituswagen appeared! Lucky2u used Quickhammer! It's super effective! Tituswagen fainted! (pun intended) I got suspicious of Lucky starting today because of arrogance on Titus' alignment. Eth tenx gnith on neo eddi. Day 3: moar derplojix from me! But this sequence is sort of amusing as is this one. And now in Night 3 does it FINALLY occur to scum that I am FULL bulletproof and not just 1-shot. Day 4: NOPE, Hermy killed Zipper. I think scum was pushing at the rocky NK-Immune wall that is the Pumpkin oblivious to the No Kills of the three nights past. Hermy is tested for deathproofing and flunks the test. Oh, and scum is still failing to realize that I'm unmurderable. Day 5: I broke up in tension and did some really stupid stuff. I asked Maenara for help, and she ended up derping too: She was a scum Tree Stump and helped me lynch Jacob-scum. Then she exploded. I have no idea. gg anyway with the carelessness of a lost scumteam repeatedly wasting their nights on impasses.

And ongoing games go here, I think?

Micro 266: Lucky's Greater Idea Christmas Party from u2ykcuL

!1 thgiN ni era ew elihw ,erofeb sa dom emosewa na eb llits lliw ykcuL taht sepoh hgih evah I

Games I'm in signups in (would be) are here (but they don't exist as of now).

Newbie Game 14??

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