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Sakura Hana

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Town Games

(osu!) The Mafia Restoration Project (ISO) - Vanilla Townie - Town Win

Newbie 1365 - Vantasmagoria of Flower View Town Doctor - Town Win

(osu!) League of Legends Mafia ISO Town Flavor Cop - Town Win

Open 497: Tit for Tat Town Vanilla - Town Win - Survived!

Newbie 1383 Replacing millertime3250 on Page 2 - Town Vanilla - Town Win

Micro: 198 Bricklayers in Sicily - Town Vanilla - Town Win Mislynched

Open 506: Pick Your Power X/Y Town Vanilla - Town Win Misvig'd

Open 501 - Stacking the Deck of Power Town Vigilante - Mafia Win ;_;

Micro 188: Matrix6 Town Vanilla - Mafia Win ;_; fricken mutley trolling on LyLo

(osu!) DOTA Smalltown ISOTown Self-Bus Driver - Mafia win Adding a Lynch all Liars policy from now on...

Newbie 1395 Town Vanilla - Town Win Mislynched

Newbie 1404: A Dangerous Time Mafia Win - Vanilla Townie Mislynched mfw Newbie cards

Open 512: See Nine Plus Plus Hydra with DrPepper as CherryDrPepper - Town Vigilante - Town Win - Survived! Shot the last scum N2 YES!

Mini 1481: ETL's Horrific Camping Trip Town Win - Town Vanilla - Survived!

Newbie 1405 Mafia Win - Town Vanilla Mislynched

Open 514: Monks and Masons in Serona Mafia Win - Town Vanilla - Mislynched

Micro 210: Rarefaction Vanilla Townie - Mafia Win Damn you TNE why didnt you make a case on Sal-scum

Mini 1478 ~ Mafia Xenologue Mafia Win - Town Florina (1 Night Neighborizer Day Activated) Mislynched

Open 518 LotteryLand Town 1-shot Watcher - Mafia Perfect Win

(osu!) Touhou PyP IV Town 2-Shot Reviver - Mafia Win

Micro 231: Mismatching Flavor Mafia Town Reporter (Hydra with Nachomamma8) - Mafia Win

Micro 228: Con Mafia Town Odd-Night Lie Detector (Hydra in Apocalypse) - Mafia Win.

(osu!) Newbie #9 - Knock Knock... (ISO) Town Vanilla - Mafia Win

Newbie 1435 Vanilla Townie - Town Perfect Win One scum ended up accidentally giving away their partner... lol

Newbie 1436 Town Vanilla - Mafia Win First finished game with my new playstyle

(osu!) 咲 -Saki- Mafia Endgamed - Town Lover Watcher - Mafia Win Lover with scum... just lovely

(osu!) Mistakes UPick ISO Endgamed - Person that rages at videogames (Innocent Child) - Mafia Win

Micro 241 -- Chain of Command Endgamed - Ensign Voyeur - Mafia Win

Touhou UPick Town Race-Cop/Doctor/Vigilante/Neighbor (Sanae) - Town Win - Survived!

Micro 237: Greatest Idea Mafia - HUNGARY GAMES...? Town Innocent Child - Mafia Win

Open 530: "WS of Baccarat" (Stack the Deck) Town Vanilla - Town Win

(osu!) Higurashi Mafia ISO Keichi - Town Conditional Suicide Bomber - Town Win

NY 167: COMPLETELY NORMAL Mafia Vanilla Townie - Draw - It's supposed to be a town win, but was heavily townsided and scum resigned, so i'm marking this as a Draw

Micro 258: Pick & Ban Town Rotating PR - Town Win

Open 534 - Killing at the Frat Town - Mafia Perfect Win

Newbie 1444 Vanilla Townie - Mafia Win Mislynched

Fire Emblem: Awakening Mafia Town Female Childbearer - Town Win

Marketplace Mafia III Town Entepreneur (Vanilla) - Mafia Win

Micro 269: See Nine Minus Minus Town Vanilla (hydra with DoctorPepper as CherryDrPepper) - Mafia Win

Micro 283: Mistakes UPick Town 1-Shot Vanillizer - Mafia Win

Open 545 Nothing to Hide Town 1-Shot Commuter - Mafia Win

NY 169: The EPIC XD Mafia Game of Greatness Town Vanilla - Town Win - Survived!

(osu!) Mismatched Flavor Mafia Vanilla Townie - Town Win - Survived! First game where i see scum Tanz

(osu!) Upick Normal Mafia Town Hider - Inquisition Win The fuck is an inquisitor?

Touhou: Mafia in the Land of Fantasy (replacing King Henry who replaced Tsukasa) Good Girl - Bad Girls win

Dark Age of the Law Mafia Town-Aligned Vanilla - Town-Aligned Win

Mafia Games

Newbie 1371: Max Steel, Mafia Hunter Mafia Goon - Town Win

Newbie 1379 Replacing ferretlover/Edosurist on Day 3 - Mafia Goon - Town Win

Open 510: DUCK DUCK GOOSE Mafia Goon - Mafia Win

Micro 212 - Greater Idea Mafia Werewolf Goon - Werewolf Perfect Win

Newbie 1406: Krhyem on Rhytehiea Replacing Karoliina on Day 3 - Mafia Roleblocker - Mafia Perfect Win

Newbie 1428 Replacing Cat Clancer on Day 1 - Mafia Goon - Mafia Perfect Win

Open 531: Masons and Mafia Dead - Mafia Goon - Town Win Probably one of my worst scum games ever

Newbie 1445: THE SACKING OF SACKYTOWNE Mafia Roleblocker - Mafia Perfect Win

Mini 1522: AA - MFA Mafia Godfather Jailkeeper - Serial Killer Win

Mini 1525: Tales of The Abyss Mafia Mafia Bulletproof 1-shot Roleblocker - Mafia Win

(osu!) Western Videogame UPick Mafia Ascetic 1-Shot Redirector - Town Win

Newbie 1471: Italian Ice (replacing AbboTT Day 1) Mafia Goon - Town Win Holy cow i fooled Nacho

(osu!) Lupus In Tabula ISO Wolf Mythomaniac - Town Win

(osu!) Perpetual MyLo ISO Mafia Goon - Mafia Win

Third Party Games

5p Jester Mafia Jester - Jester/Mafia Win

Weird Setup Games

Oz Mafia: Based on the HBO Series Simon Adebesi - Homeboy Faction (Hydra with Nachomamma8) - I dont even...

Ongoing Games

Will only put role if it was announced by the moderator via death.

Micro 315: Cowardly Hider Mafia II Still Alive

Open 552: Hope Plus One Still Alive

Mini 1546 Nyctapolis Still Alive

Touhou UPick 2 Still Alive

Modded Games

(osu!) High School Mafia 2 of 4 Setup - Mafia Win

(osu!) Stacking the Deck A modified version of Stack the Deck - Town Win

(osu!) Lucid Dreamers Mafia Lucid Dreamers Setup - Town Win This was a Bastard Mod game

(osu!) Spy Agents vs the Mafia Masons and Mafia setup - Spy Agents win

(osu!) Greatest Idea Mafia Greatest Idea Mafia Setup - Mafia Win

(osu!) Multiball Own designed setup with hidden powers - Ice Mafia Win

Open 544: Tit for Tat Open Setup, my first modded game on MS - Mafia Win