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Welcome to wgeurt's wiki page, I hope you find whatever you are looking for. I'm afraid I'm out of crumpets though...

About Wgeurts

Wgeurts is a Dutch lad that lives in the South of the Netherlands. He discovered the game of mafia when another person decided to run a game of it on his home-forum. The mafia meta there is however a lot more playful, with games often being blown by ridiculous plots which constructed via private messaging and other crumpets not doable here on MafiaScum. Although these games are a lot of fun, I wanted to see if I could find a more serious, competitive mafia forum and here is where I ended up. I must say, it hasn't let me down so far.

During my first year of membership (2014) I generally shamed my reputation with awful newbie play, although I hope it's improving I am still not what I would consider a "good-player". It was also during this year that I got bored during the summer vacation, I somehow ended up searching for mafia setups and got fed up with how disorganised the MafiaWiki was. So I then took on the task of sorting all the setups, then I added information boxes to them and before I knew it I had overhauled this section of the wiki. Not a single page at that point in the "setups" section hasn't been changed by me, over half of them probably are made by me. It was this achievement which got me rewarded with wiki SysOp powers. Now I update and sort the wiki where ever I can, my goal being an easy to navigate clean and manageable wiki for all users to use, though I'm a long way away from this.

My interests are philosophy, psychology, board-games and generally anything you have to do a bit of thinking for. I get myself into stupid arguments all the time, simply because I enjoy them for some reason. If I ever argue against you know that I completely disregard emotions so don't take offense or anything I say personally. I may even take sides I don't agree with just to see the reasons for or against any side.

During 2015 I won the Team Mafia 2015 competition with the team "Young & Beautiful" which contained me, Espeonage, Psyche (Later replaced by Aneninen) and T-Bone. People disagree with our victory, but I'm not complaining :3

I was awarded the "Unofficial Community Contributor" title in 2016 by the administration team along with KittyMo for our work on the MafiaWiki, hence our subtle-pink name colour on the forums. Later that year I also won the 2015 "Community Contributer" Scummie, earning myself the banner currently under my forum user-name. In 2017 I proceded to win the "Best Setup" Scummie for Evolution Mafia, as well as the "Kodak Moment" Scummie for my and Cerebus666 performance in one of Varsoon's games.

Wgeurts' Hydras

Wgeurts has nine hydrae as off the last time he edited this page:

  1. Oranje Crush: a hydra with BROseidon.
  2. TunnelWarriors: a hydra with Dr Pepper.
  3. Espsyoncheage: a hydra with T-Bone and Aneninen.
  4. Acutest Kitty: a hydra with Plotinus.
  5. The Cool Cucumbers: a hydra with Cerberus v666.
  6. Bill and Gompers: a hydra with Aeronaut
  7. LingerieDoggy: a hydra with UpTooLate.
  8. Window Attack a hydra with Jeanne11.
  9. Gee Willikers a hydra with Dwlee99


Feel free to leave wgeurts a comment or message here:

You were awesome in Suidoken game. I have definitely enjoyed the games you have modded too. Stay fly -Firebringer
Even this comment is a lie. -Davsto
It's official: you are a #MagnificentLad!!! -The MM