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Welcome to my page, I thoroughly enjoy playing mafia games and like to keep a carefree style.

Records and Statistics

1/1 (Total)
1/1 (Town)
0/0 (Scum)

Game's Past and Present


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Entry
Micro 221: Greatest Idea Mafia Maestro Werewolf Roleblocker Ate All the Townies Werewolf win Original Player
My first scum win on the site, we got really lucky with a day vig shot and caught a few breaks with WIFOM.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Entry
Micro 211: Cracking Idea Mafia Antagon Town Hider Death by Hiding Town win Original Player
I really enjoyed this game, and it ended up being my first win on the site even though I didn't survive to the endgame. Due to some confusion I hid behind someone that didn't appreciate a tag along and died that night.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Entry
Newbie 1374 Redux! Glork Vanilla Townie Nightkilled Mafia Win Original Player
My first game here on the site. Things started out a bit rocky but eventually smoothed out mid game, but due to circumstances I ended up taking a bullet and mafia won in Lylo.