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Hi, I haven't played Mafia in a while and I'm thinking of trying it out again, but first there's something I really need to say. I am trying out a policy where I never talk about myself in a game. I have very little control over myself when on that topic, and that ends up being painful for everyone involved. For an extreme example of this, see Dark Age of the Law Mafia. Any and all questions regarding my past mafia history will be responded to by me redirecting the person asking here. Note the date of the most recent edit: I am not currently in a game of Mafia, so anything written here cannot be role indicative.

All non-marathon games I was in are listed below and is accurate to the date this page was last edited.



Type Name Mod Role End State Win
Newbie Newbie 1262 Robocopter87 Mafia Goon Lynched D4 Town

My first game, and I got scum. Me and my partner were both townreads for most of the game, but once the doc and cop claimed on D2, my efforts to place suspicion on the cop completely failed, ending in a guilty on my partner and my lynch in LyLo.

Type Name Mod Role End State Win
Newbie Newbie 1279~Cute Mafia KittyMo Mafia Rolecop Lynched D3 Town

Another Newbie, another Mafia role PM, another loss. I almost pushed a mislynch D1, but they started looking town at the last minute and redirected the day's lynch to my partner. Despite early attempts to bus them, I was unable to get on their wagon in the end and was therefore taken out rather easily, especially after once again, one of the easier mislynches turned out to be the cop and claimed on D2.

Type Name Mod Role End State Win
Mini Normal Mini Normal 1375 LlamaFluff Vanilla Townie Lynched D4 Mafia

My first town game. I was pretty much a non-factor D1, which lead to me being a counterwagon to scum D2. I got the town to lynch him instead, but after being incorrect on my next scumread who got lynched and getting in a wall war the next day with another town, I spent all of the towncred I had gained D2 which got me lynched. Seeing as I was the only person to suspect the last scum, he costed to an easy win after that.

Type Name Mod Role End State Win
Large Theme ehobanowoof Sixty Brony Scum Goon Daykilled D2 SDC Scum

I signed up for a daykill madness game under the impression that I could use my unknown status to survive until late game when it would slow down and I could actually start playing systematically then, but it never actually slowed down. Since I got chosen as part of the smallest scumteam, that worked to our advantage. I talked a bit too much, leading to me being the second to last daykill. Despite that, all our team needed to win was for our final member to evade the SDC's nightkill. He didn't, but it was still a better result than I was expecting upon signups.

Type Name Mod Role End State Win
Micro Micro 85 - 5p Vengeful charter Townie Survived D1 Town

My first win. The game stalled heavily, but that could be due to the fact that no member of town ever had a scum read on town or a town read on scum. While the goon did manage to talk me out of voting him, that just led to the godfather being lynched day one instead.

Type Name Mod Role End State Win
Micro Micro 106-- SCIENCE! crywolf20084 Mafia Encryptor Survived D2 Mafia

Sixth game, fourth mafia PM. This time however, I actually managed to pull of a win. Town mostly imploded on itself. The wagon D1 was all town even though the game started 5-2, so that made it incredibly easy for me to push my scumread from D1 to be lynched D2.

Type Name Mod Role End State Win
Large Normal NY 162: A Week at the Theatres MattP Town Mason Killed N7 Mafia

Short version: I got killed at N7 even though I was a mason, and then lost. I then proceeded to stop playing mafia for an indeterminate amount of time. How well do you think I did. I don't even know if I had any correct reads, and I spent more time finding ways to avoid working on this game than I did actually working on it. I'm not playing a Large Normal again, probably ever. If you need to know more for some reason, which you don't, look it up yourself.

Type Name Mod Role End State Win
Mini Normal Mini 1462: Serra's Fun House serrapaladin Town Neighbor Endgamed D6 Mafia

I replaced in, got called scum a lot, and was unable to convince anyone that the person who was obvscum from my POV was actually scum. Then we lynched someone else for a perfect scum victory. Why we ended up lynching who we did was in part due to my inaccurate setup speculation. Maybe I should just play opens...

Type Name Mod Role End State Win
Mini Theme Mini 1522: Ace Attorney - Mafia For All GuyInFreezer Town 1-Shot Bulletproof Endgamed D5 Serial Killer

Despite trying to be as obv-town as possible, I ended up just lurking through D1, and a D2 massclaim ruined my chances of getting nightkilled unless I fakeclaimed. (Which I'm terrible at.) We still had a chance despite none of the kills getting stopped, but we waffled way too much and ended up lynching town for a gambit that they were kind of forced to make.

Type Name Mod Role End State Win
Large Theme Marketplace Mafia III Magua (Town) Entrepreneur Lynched D4 Mafia

I replaced in an obvtown slot N2, then did absolutely nothing right, from never catching up to pushing a lynch on town. In hindsight, my lynch was incredibly scum driven, but it still wouldn't have happened if I had played decently at all. The game itself was completely dominated by scum.

Type Name Mod Role End State Win
Large Theme Fire Emblem: Awakening Mafia Cephrir Vanilla Townie Survived D9 Town

I entered the game day two, and did pretty much nothing other than being fairly obvtown. The game was pretty much over by D5, but the entire town fighting with one another dragged out the game far longer than it should have gone. I PoE'd the scum fairly quickly in the last few days, but I never got any attention because of the egofights happening on top of that.

Type Name Mod Role End State Win
Large Theme Dark Age of the Law Mafia MafiaSSK Vanilla Townie Lynched D1 Town

On one hand I had decentish reads that may have led to the gunsmith getting a guilty on N1. On the other, I was still lynched D1. Technically I was the second lynch of the game due to double day, but that doesn't make being a D1 lynch any better. Especially since I spent most of the game trying to get people to stop calling me scum for having a low self-esteem.

Type Name Mod Role End State Win
Large Theme Event Card Mafia zoraster Vanilla Townie Vigged N1 Town

The night I died, I guessed the scumteam of five people. Three of them were scum, and the other two were the Vig and the Doc. Guess which ones I was pressing most when I was alive. Hint: I was vigged. The two I missed in their place was someone who I called scum for their first post and then stopped for some reason I'm not sure of at this point, and a floater who fooled everyone long past the death of the rest of his team.

Type Name Mod Role End State Win
Mini Theme Final Radiant Tales of the Golden Dragon Trigger Natirasha Vanilla Townie Survived D5 Town

I started talking about how much I hate myself at the beginning of the game, and never recovered. Good thing I got masonized though, that probably was what won the game in the long run. I don't really remember too much about it though, I probably should be writing these sooner after the game completion.

Type Name Mod Role End State Win
Mini Theme Fever Dream Mafia Bicephalous Bob Town Neighbor Lynched D1 Mafia

This game was advertised for it's D1 jester mechanic as well as being VTless. When I rolled neighbor, the only thing I could think of to do with it is use it to prove that neither myself or my neighbor were scum, so I advocated lynching one of us on D1. Town chose me. Despite that, due to below average scum play and replacements the game was an easy town win. And then confirmed town was lynched in lylo.

Type Name Mod Role End State Win
Micro Pushing the Boundaries Maestro Town Hydra Killed N1 Town

As Vanitas, a hydra with beastcharizard. The setup was five slots, all of them two person hydras. Three of the five slots were obvtown, and Beast was the person who was most insistent in pushing the one that was scum. I didn't do a whole lot myself.

Type Name Mod Role End State Win
Large Theme Persona 4 Mafia Skullduggery Vanilla Townie Survived D8 Town

All of the Mafia were dead by the start of day five, but we were mostly convinced that there was another one. Therefore, when we caught the SK and they claimed, we tried to leash them. The other major incident this game was when a player who has since been sitebanned softed and then claimed visitor, clearing a lot of people, then flipping VT. The only reason I survived as long as I did was because I was one of the first people they cleared. Well, I guess it worked out? And this game is further proof that pushing me is a scumtell.

Mish Mash

I prefer my time here in some ways, but at times it's even more stressful. I'm the person who prefers spectating, but when I'm actually playing I'll do above average in challenges, but socially all I have is the assurance that I won't completely flake. My social game is just as bad as my Mafia ability.

Kingdom Clash: Chernabog Rising

So I decide to join an anonymous challenge heavy game, just to see how far I could get, and expecting to be one of the people eliminated well before the halfway point. Then I won.

This seems like it was the perfect game to get accustomed to the subforum with. It was anonymous, so I didn't have to deal with being the new guy, and I could also get used to how challenges worked without having to worry about anything else. Not to mention that it was incredibly fun and well moderated.

Survivor: Sky Pillar

Then I decided to do something more social. I half flew under the radar, and half got lucky, letting me get to fourth place, but if I actually want to do well, then I've got a long way to go.

Trust and Betrayal: The Legacy of Siboot

A game half built on alliances, and half built around Rock/Paper/Scissors. It went well for a while, then everyone got bored once they realized how little the alliance part mattered compared to the RPS part, and the mod got annoyed that it had pretty much spiraled into WIFOM and called it. Also: TS.

Super Mario Endurance

I was promised this game had more challenges than social portions, then I got eliminated second for being too good at the former, and not caring about the latter. Also: TS.

Survivor: Arkham Asylum

I played better than I did in Sky Pillar. That is until I suicide bombed TS, who I was allied with before my anger with his playstyle blew up. Would I have had a chance if I stayed with him? Maybe, but I still don't regret my actions.

The Arena: Pokemon Battle

I was busy the first few days when the game started, so my already terrible social game was even worse. I took a risk in order to make up for that, and it backfired. More proof that I'm actually bad at challenges despite what others might say. At least TS wasn't in this one.

Survivor: Hogwarts

I... may have actually done a decent job this time. I was eliminated due to the absolute wrong person winning HoH in a Big Brother portion of the game. The biggest problem is not realizing that the person who trusted me the most was absolutely not among the people I trusted most, but still who knows what might have been had challenges gone according to plan.

Survivor: Hyrule

I didn't even make the first swap. The first tribes were two large ones, and I somehow didn't really like any of the other people on mine. As a result, I tried to stay just out of contention for a vote. Then the two obvious votes were suddenly whisked away, leaving me on the bottom and heading to TC. I can't say how much of this was bad play or how much was bad luck, but both were definitely factors.

Pokemon Colosseum

I keep forgetting this game existed. I got eliminated due to RNG mostly, but I wasn't there to make friends so I might not have lasted too much longer anyway. I also got really angry at someone for purposefully trolling the entire game. They have since been sitebanned.

Survivor: Eon

Found two idols, got overconfident and was idoled out myself. At the time of this writing, I haven't actually read through other people's confessionals, so I don't actually know how good or bad of a position I was in. I don't think I actually want to know.

Sig Collection

Due to the fact that I intend to never change my avatar, I have taken to changing my sig every game or two. I try to make them relate to my status as a player as much as possible.

"And who knows:

starting a new journey may not be so hard

or maybe it has already begun."

-Kingdom Hearts/Menu Trailer

My first signature, used from my account creation to the end of my first game. Starting my journey here at MS.

"Feel the people, hear the voices,

they are reaching out to catch you."

-TWEWY Soundtrack/Long Dream

My second game. Starting to embrace the community.

"Power sleeps within you.

If you give it form,

it will give you strength."

-Kingdom Hearts/Awakening

Leaving the newbie queue, finding my strengths and weaknesses.

"Objection! I object! That was... objectionable!"

-Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney/1-2

Recovering from my first major wallfight.

"The closer you get to the light,

the greater your shadow becomes."

-Kingdom Hearts/Awakening

Actually starting to win some games, but not necessarily because I'm actually good at this.

"There's no place I can be, since I've found Serenity"

-Firefly/Title Sequence

Finished Kingdom Clash: Chernabog Rising, which was set in a place called Serenity.

"One who knows nothing can understand nothing."

-Kingdom Hearts/Destiny Islands, D2

Vacationing from playing mafia.

"We've got no time left to fear."

-TWEWY Soundtrack/Long Dream

I planned on using at least one other TWEWY lyric before going back to long dream, but this seems to fit right now. I have less time than before, so instead of debating things in my head, I'm just either doing them or not.

"What do I know?"

-Kingdom Hearts/Traverse Town

Starting to have opinions on things, yet not being heard. Mostly because I don't even know if I believe in them myself.

"So hard to reignite myself." -TWEWY Soundtrack/Hybrid

Changed after the completion of Final Radiant Tales and Survivor: Hogwarts. I just stopped joining large things, and didn't fix my wiki for a long time either. Working is hard, but getting myself to do work is much, much harder.

"I've learned to lose, I've learned to win, I've turned my face against the wind."

"I will move fast, I will move slow. Take me where I have to go."

-Lisa Miskovsky/Still Alive (Seen in Mirror's Edge)

I really haven't been doing anything at all recently. Just going along for the ride.

"Never be sorry for your little time."

"It's not when you get there, it's always the climb."

Transistor OST/In Circles

Mostly because I've been meaning to change it for probably like six months at this point. Anyway, I've mostly just been losing, and in the end I usually feel guilty about it, because I think I'm taking someone else who deserves it more's slot. And if I was actually successful at Survivor earlier, then I would have used "I see you hurting, I do what I can. But I won't save you." from the same song. The one I'm using actually has "But I won't save you." after it as well, but it doesn't even come close to aligning with anything I've done, so leaving it out.