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If you've found yourself stumbling upon this page, you're more than likely looking for meta, which I'll gladly tell you that you're wasting your time. But hey! It's your time to waste, amirite? Of course I am -- moving on! I suppose a good a start as any would be to tell you about my roots, where I learned about mafia, and that same ol' same ol' rigmaroll you see on everyone else's mafiawiki. FINE!


CHKFLIP derives from two things. a) my stand-up stage name, Flip, and b) the acronym CHK standing for Cold Hearted King. It was one of the many monikers I used to personify a ficticious character which I (unoriginally) named Flip. CHKFLIP seemed to stick as an easily unique username that I could use on all my e-travels and hasn't left me since it's birth in late 2001.

The lovely game of Mafia was introduced to me by a gaming website I frequent called Neoseeker. Upon joining, I only used the site for a few of the forums, ending up happening upon their IR-P (Interactive Role-Playing) subforum. Even then, it wasn't mafia at first. I was an avid wrestling roleplayer since 2001; however, I will admit that I continuously lingered around the mafia games to try to grasp the concept without getting my feet wet yet. Only two games were played before I was hooked into signing up for the next available game. That's when, in June of 2010, I started my first Mafia game.

Filled to the brim with sheople, floaters, chatterboxes, and every other type of bad mafia player, I'll openly admit that perhaps this wasn't the greatest place to try to start... but it was a start nevertheless. All role pm's are direct quotes; therefore, any typos are the mod's fault. =P

Game - Toy Story Mafia[1][2][3][4]

You are Sarge: Andy's Room Aligned Professional Commander
At ease, corporal. It's Sarge reporting in for duty. The town is at a crisis and you are needed to help out. You have a horde of soldiers at your disposal, each and everyone of them as nameless as the guy next to them. Woody described you guys as professionals, and it sure shows. Discipline, determination and organization is the name of the game. Every one of your soldiers is valuable to you, whether it's Andy's mom stepping on one of them or anything else of the sort, you'll do your best to help them out in need.
Every night, you may target a player to keep under a temporary cell in the night, formed by your soldiers. The target will be blocked and protected at once. But that's not all.
This mission is very critical, for that you will have access to a one-time Emergency Roll Call. You will assemble all the soldiers in an emergency meeting and with that, you may target one player to take out at night. Your kill isn't guaranteed to work, you best make sure your target doesn't have too many people at the scene at the time of your roll call, or else your plan will backfire!
You win when those bad toys are done and dealt with once and for all.

Not a bad role for a first timer (just glad I wasn't vanilla, boy that would've been boring), having a one-time night kill as well as being the town's protector. I was NK'ed out on N5 - town ended up losing that game. To be honest, I didn't really learn much about mafia, other than the fact that you should go in swinging if you want to be taken seriously. And don't forget your facts, your proof, and all the juicy details in-between.

Game - Superheroes Mafia[5][6][7][8][9]

You are Sergeant Summers - Fifth Column Aligned Second in Command
You are Sergeant Summers, second in command of the biggest and most powerful organization ever known to man, woman, or monster. The Fifth Column rules the land known only as X with an iron fist, decimating anybody in the world who dares to criticize their actions or decisions. Hand picked by Lord Xavier as your second in command after your brave combat as a member of the Fifth Column Loyalists in the revolution of 1382, you have more then proved your worth over the years by making a number of tough decisions, as well as filling in the gigantic shoes of Lord Xavier in times of crisis. During the aforementioned wars, your vision was damaged during a major battle in which several rogue’s attempted to bring down the Fifth Column from in inside. As a result of this, you must wear a night vision visor across your face at all times, and in order to maintain your sight you must charge up this visor during all times of light. Even still, at night your visor will backfire if you are targetted, and fire off bolts of lazer radiation at anybody who has the gaul to come into your presence uninvited. This will kill whoever it hits.
However, you also have the ability to sway votes your way using your influence and intimidation. Every day, you may choose to steal a vote off any player you desire. Stealing a vote will cause you to lose 25% of your lazer radiation accuracy, as you won't be able to multi-task perfectly. If you steal two votes in the course of two days, you will lose 50%. And so on – therefore as a total, you may steal a maximum of four votes.
You win when you have outnumbered all threats to the Fifth Column.

My first attempt at scum and I'm a vote-switching PGO at that. Not to mention the fact that I was a replacement and didn't get in until thread 3, and by that time it was pretty much game over from there as 3/8 were lynched and 2 more were pinned with no hope of escape. My PGO ability only came into play once, and that's when Superman tried to investigate me. I definitely learned how not to act in this game... though not much.

Game - A Moment of Mafia with Congo L. Omelot[10][11][12][13]

You are Victor Fries, AKA Mr. Freeze: The Scourge Aligned Man With A Heart Of Ice
Just an average cryogenicist working in Kethenecia, one of the many trying to make it the best, most peaceful, most hospitable place on the planet. Trying to improve the living conditions of all! But then your wife...a sickness struck her. And no one knew how to cure her. You tried to feeze, tried to give them more time to help her, but...tragedy struck once again. Several shorting fuses caused overflows and shortages in all the wrong places. If you ever unfroze her, she would die. It had gone to far. You grew bitter, angry. So you decided then that you would take revenge on Kethenecia. If you didn't have your wife, why should the rest of them be happy. No; life wasn't fair, unfortunately, and you'd give them that lesson. That nothing was fair.
Every night you may target one person; they will be made absolutely helpless. You'll freeze their legs only just to watch them suffer. Then, someone on their way back in from a night of mischief of their own may just find the helpless victim and... well. They'd do what they do.
You may not speak to anyone outside of the game thread.
You win if the Scourge takes over the city of Kethenecia.

This game was quite fun. It was an inverse game where scum were good guys and all the townsfolk were bad guys; thus, I was Mr. Freeze the immobilizer. An intriguing twist to the role was that someone else would get a double read with the second result being about the person I'd immobilized. If it was a cop, they'd get a second result for the person I froze. A silencer got an extra silence. And so on and so forth. I survived until the end but ended up with a 0/3 record.

Game - Fast and the Furious

You are 'Jesse: Race Wars Aligned Autominded Loose Screw'
You’re a loved member of your group, you weren’t very good in school, so you decided to work around cars as you claim they relax you. Because of your mentality and health issues your shy and content on being a failure. However with your mechanical skills you have decided to start from scratch in a bid to help your friends against the Bad guys in town. You may pm me the name of the player each day phase would wish to talk to, to see if they accept your great gifts. Just don’t think your going to be successful from now on.
You win when all threats to the race world are eliminated.

Got two items out of my ability on N2 and N3, a NK and a doublevote.

Currently Playing: Christmas Mafia

The Road To Rome

1027 - Trick or Treat: LOSS - Town Doctor.

1034 - Generic Mafia: WIN - Vanilla Townie.

1036 - Generic Mafia: WIN - Vanilla Townie.

1037 - Grr! Argh! Mafia!: WIN - Goon.

Central Park

267 - Lover's Mafia: WIN - Mafia Lover (w/ empking).

263 - The Wild Life: WIN - Vanilla Townie.

Little Italy

1084 - New Jersey Shore: LOSS - Town Roleblocker. NK'ed N2.

Coney Island

1083 - Aqua Teen Hunger Force: WIN - Town Vig

New York

Theme Park

Pick Your Power 4: WIN - Town Super Saint - NK'ed N1.

Cyclic Experimentation: WIN - Town - NK'ed N1.