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I have been playing on this site since June of 2013. I have also played mafia in real life and enjoy the interaction with people.


Even though I have almost 2 dozen games under my belt, I still get accused of having a newbie playstyle. People will often mistake my enthusiasm for a mafia PM because my enthusiasm comes across as fake. The irony is that almost 100% of the games where I'm town people feel that I'm scum or I'm acting scummy and every single time I've rolled a scum PM people usually don't have any clue for some reason. I have gotten more bold and I certainly post a lot more than I used to. I also take the games more seriously. I still haven't figured out how to gambit and I'm still learning about VC and game mechanics but I love the site and the people and I actually enjoy playing regardless of the outcome!


Total completed games: 37 Ongoing games: 9

Wins Losses Draws
22 13 2

Game 1: Newbie 1376 Mod Agar Link: Mafia Roleblocker Mafia Win with AZBlueM

Game 2: Mini 1445 Mod Zoidberg Link: replaced in as Mafia Goon Mafia Win with JacobSavage and Bacde

Game 3: Micro 195 Wacky Bastard Mafia Mod AngryPidgeon Link: Vengeful Town (Vengekilled ArcAngel9) Mafia Win

Game 4: Mini 1460 Normalville Mafia Mod ac1983fan Link: Killed N3 Odd Night Town Cop Mafia wins

Game 5: Newbie 1398 Mod Yabbaguy Link: replaced in Vanilla Townie Town wins

Game 6: Newbie 1404 Mod Cheerydog Link: replaced in Vanilla Townie Mafia Wins

Game 7: Mini 1475: War in the Middle East Mod Majiffy Link: Town Mason Town wins

Game 8: Open 511: The Bane of Cabbagetown Mod VoodooLady Link: Lynched D3 Mod Abandoned Mafia Goon Draw

Game 9: Micro 206:Everybody's Being Watched Mod JasonWazza Link: Town 2-Shot Doctor Town wins

Game 10: NY 165 Mod PeregrineV Link: replaced in/replaced out by JacobSavage Serial Killer Mafia wins

Game 11: NY 164 Mod: Mastin2 Link: replaced in vig killed N5 Vanilla Townie Blue Mafia wins

Game 12: 2nd Chance Draw Mod: Cheery Dog Ongoing

Game 13: Mini 1477 Bang! Mod: JasonWazza Link: Replaced out Vanilla Townie, Town wins

Game 14: Death's Diner Mod: 4nxi3ty Link: Strawberry Zombie of the Shadow Shadow wins

Game 15: Open 513 Mod: Fuzzybutternut Link: Vanilla Townie town wins

Game 16: Mini 1480 Mod: Antagon Link: Lynched D1 2-Shot Town Watcher Town wins

Game 17: Open 519 Mod: Belisarius Link: Replaced out replaced by karnage Vanilla Townie Wolves win

Game 18: Newbie 1414 Mod: PeregrineV Link: Replaced in killed n2 Vanilla Townie Mafia Wins

Game 19: Achievement Unlocked Mafia Mod: Nachomamma8 Link: Town Treasure Hunter endgamed and lynched d3 Mafia Wins

Game 20: Organic Chemistry mafia Micro 248 Mod: Antihero Link: Lynched n1 Vanilla Townie Town wins

Game 21: Open 533 Pick your Poison Hydra with Nachomamma8 Mod:Kalimar Link: Vanilla Townie alive at the end Town wins

Game 22: Newbie 1443 SE Mod: Maestro Link: Lynched n1 Mafia Goon Town wins

Game 23: Newbie 1448 IC Mod: penguin_alien Link: Lynched D1 Vanilla Townie Mafia Wins

Game 24: Open 549 C++ Logic Conundrum Mod: Humble Poirot Link: Town Doctor killed N4 Town Wins

Game 25: Mini 1561: Jesus Christ Mafia Mod: Belisarius Link: Town Fisherman Lynched D5 Mafia Wins

Game 26: Open 552: Hope Plus One Mod: baezu Link: Town wins

Game 27: Micro 327: Ladies night Mod: redcoyote Link: lynched D1 Vanilla Townie Town Wins

Game 28: Mini 1569 Mod: Kalimar In hydra Slainte Mhath with Belisarius Link: Mafia Goon town wins

Game 29: Micro 336 Mod: AngryPidgeon in hydra Slainte Mhath Link: Town Mason town wins

Game 30: Open 556 Mod: LlamaFluff Link: Vanilla Townie lynched day 2, Scum draw

Game 31: Newbie 1509 Mod:baezu Link: Over

Game 32: Micro 346 Tuatha De Danann in hydra Slainte Mhath Mod: Fferyllt Link: Vanilla Townie Lynched Day 3, Scum wins

Game 33: Mini 1592 Flying Aces Mid: Belisarius Link: Vanilla Townie Endgame Town wins

Game 34: Newbie 1529 Government Coverup Mod: baezu Link: Over mafia wins

Game 35: Open 565 Friends and Enemies Mod: ika Link: Vanilla Townie Endgame town wins

Game 36: Open 566 Murder on the Orient Express Mod: baezu Link: Over

Game 37: Mini 1607 Night at the Asylum Mod: Rob13 Link: Vanilla Townie, Lynched day 4 Town wins

Game 38: Mini Normal 2067 Musicals Mod: Dannflor Link: nk'd N3 Vanilla Townie town wins

Game 39: Newbie 1923 Stuff I Found Online X Mod: Plotinus Link: replaced in Vanilla Townie town wins

Game 40: Undertale Mafia Mod: RadiantCowbells Link: Hot Lightning Hydra with mcqueen Town Greater Doggo killed N2 Town Wins

Game 41: GameShow Mafia Mod: BulletNLynchproof Link: Time Devil hydra with Temporal Lich Ongoing

Game 42: BTX Booning it in the Slums Mod: Boonskiies Link: Abstract Nonsense hydra with Something_Smart Town Ascetic lynched D1 Town Wins

Game 43: 911: What's Your Emergency Mod: Light_Ganski Link: 1 Shot Mafia Rolecop lynched D2 Town Wins

Game 44: Newbie 1927 Stuff I Found Online XI Mod: Plotinus Link: Mafia Goon, Mafia Wins

Game 45: Open 755 Two-Fold C9++ Mod: Kaiveran Link: Werewolf Ongoing

Game 46: Open 756 Hope Plus One Mod: mcqueen Link: Town Macho Doctor killed N1 Ongoing

Game 47: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Mafia One Mod: UntrodTripod Link: Town 2-Shot Doctor killed N1 Ongoing

Game 48: Mini 2072 Timeshift Mafia IV Mod: D3f3nd3r Link: Time Devil hydra with Temporal Lich Ongoing

Game 49: BTXI The Sorceror's Aboontice Mod: Boonskiies Link: Ongoing

Game 50: Open 758 Duck, Duck, Goose Mod: Clemency Link: In Signups Beazu Leaf hydra with Flavor Leaf

Game 51: Open 759 House Party Mod: Schadd Link: In Signups Hell Knight hydra with persivul

Game 52: Madness at Port Arthur Mod: funkybike1 Link: Fuscezu hydra with Fuscosco Ongoing

Game 53: Micro 868 - Star-Crossed Mod: ChibiBear Link: Ongoing

Game 54: Mini Normal 2073 ~ ramblings Mod: Bins Link: Vanilla Townie Ongoing

Game 55: Death Note: The Task Force Mod: Morality Link: Ongoing

Game 56: Large Normal 220: Jazz Mafia Mod: Skygazer Link: Ongoing