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Game Character Role Result Comments
Survivor: Killing School Semester Akane Owari Worst Ally 6/26, 3-0* vote Akane was crazy, but crazy is entertaining.
Survivor: Legendary Regigigas Murderbot 2/18 I got coached by the one and only pablito. I continued to survive and subvert spectators expectations. I then self destructed at FTC after stabbing everyone.
Hybrid: Hunger Games Zod Salty Boi 9/24 I joined a game with a heavy emphasis on challenges then got mad when I wasn't good at challenges.
Survivor: Know Your Enemies Awoo Vacation Simulator 8/24, 6-2 vote I played really nice and made lots of people laugh. I was having so much fun that I forgot to throw people under the bus or push them as threats.
Barely Survivor The Hare Hydra with Radja 1/24, 4-3-1 vote Made some sick plays using other people's items. Turns out playing as a hydra gives you an unfair advantage.