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User:Alan Redgown

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Ongoing Games

Newbie 528

Completed Games

Newbie 511: Townie, won.
My first game on MafiaScum was an awesome one, and I learned a lot from it. We lynched a lurker, who turned up scum, and that night the remaining goon killed one of my top suspects, which was helpful. We proceeded to lynch an innocent and went into LYLO the next day. The goon claimed cop and tried to convince us that a tie wouldn't result in a mafia win. We killed him.


Screw the players - Bad Idea: Townie, lost.
What a fiasco. Some of us tried to put effort into this game, but townies kept shooting /outs and other townies before any real discussion took place. Interestingly enough, the mafia only NK'd one townie the entire game. Claims were all over the map, with townies claiming scum, scum claiming /out, and /outs claiming whatever they felt like. Unfortunately, the name of the game says it all, and the /outs succeeded in screwing the players (or at least the townies) over.