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Not going to keep information about my old games on here...I don't think anything pre-2012 is relevant to my current playstyle.

Games Played In

Mini 1341

  • Role: Mafia Goon
  • Result: Forcibly replaced out due to receiving too many prods.

Open 411

  • Role: Vanilla Townie
  • Result: Town Win. Although I survived until the end I basically was a waste of space on the town roster.

Open 480

  • Role: Vanilla Townie
  • Result: Scum Win. Mostly my fault.

Open 479

  • Role: Mafia Goon
  • Result: Replaced Out.

Mini 1449

  • Role: Mafia Goon
  • Result: Town Win.

Open 507

  • Role: Mafia Goon
  • Result: Scum Win. I basically did nothing all game and then managed a mislynch in lylo for the win.

Mini 1456

  • Role: Mafia Godfather
  • Result: Scum Win. I have to credit poor town play.