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Toriel's Patience

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  • Toriel's Patience
Setup Size:
  • 14
Setup Type:

Toriel's Patience is an Open, nearly Mountainous setup designed for 14 players and inspired by the Indie game Undertale. The designer, Isis, won the 2023 Rube Goldberg Scummie award for this setup.


  • 3 Mafia
  • 11 Townies


  • Day start.
  • One player is randomly, publicly declared Toriel at game start.
    • Toriel's vote is double strength on day one, fades to normal strength Day 2, and fades to a nonvoting slot thereafter.
    • Players cannot vote for Toriel, even though Toriel might be mafia.
  • Nights 1-3 are skipped.
  • Following Day 2 is a phase called Day 2.5. On Day 2.5, players vote to choose Mercy or Fight.
    • If Mercy is chosen, for the rest of the game, subsequent eliminations are flavored as sparings. Town wins if town spares four townies and loses if it spares two mafia.
    • If Fight is chosen, the effects of voting Mercy are simply not applied.
    • Heal and hurt bbcode tags are used to vote for Mercy and Fight respectively.
  • Day 3 is a shortened day phase, lasting the maximum time frame that a player can go without posting without being prodded.
    • Voting is disabled on Day 3. The Day 3 elimination is Toriel.

Summary of Phases

Phase Note
Day 1 Toriel's vote is double strength.
Day 2 Toriel's vote is normal.
Day 2.5 Players vote for Mercy or Fight, determining whether Sparings or Eliminations occur on future days. Toriel can no longer vote.
Day 3 Shortened day. No one may vote. Toriel is eliminated/spared.
Day 4
Night 4 Days and night phases will continue to alternate henceforth until a win condition is reached.