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you may want to reveal that someone's life was saved by a RoleBlocker or Doctor, but revealing who did the saving would imbalance the game

Even revealing that much could hurt the game... If the mafia know they are being role blocked, then they can change tactics. If they know it was doc save, then they know that player isn't that doctor (usually). They also can't speculate about if the player is a vest or godfather. Generally, less is more. I like night scenes, but they shouldn't reveal information that isn't painfully obvious to everyone. In my Dr. Seuss Mafia game, the night scenes are less what happened at night and more what was the result of the night. -- JEEP 2005-01-24 21:45 UTC

And in a game with a single killing group, you'd be confirming that person's innocence...I see what you're saying. I've been playing/reading some games both on MafiaScum and GreyLabyrinth that have some of this information, but I think they are (or should be) abberations. Mind if I include your comments in the page itself, or do you want to edit it? -- Mr. Flay 2005-01-26 16:01 UTC

The page lists daytime deaths as a category, how do mods deal with things like day vigs in these cases? Also, has anyone ever sent backstory (just as flavor) to powerroles as they make their choices?