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  • Super Saint 3
Setup Size:
  • 3
Setup Type:
  • Anonymous

SS3 is a Mafia variant, most often played on Scumchat. It consists of one Vanilla Townie, one Mafioso, and one Super Saint (A pro-town player who kills anyone that hammers him).

SS3 is an acronym for Super Saint 3.


  • 1 Mafia Goon
  • 1 Vanilla Townie
  • 1 Super Saint

Role PMs

Vanilla Townie

Welcome, [Player]! You are a Vanilla Townie.


  • You have no abilities other than your voice and your vote.

Win Conditions:

  • You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive.


Variations include SS4 and 5 with extra townies to create longer games. If you choose to use this skip any Night-Phases.

In Skype games, a variant of SS4 is sometimes played in which the fourth role is a random selection between Townie, Supersaint and a Werewolf (i.e. a scum player not in the same faction as the original Mafioso). Alternatively, randomise all four.