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Space Monkey Mafia

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An infamous series of games modded by Mr Stoofer, bending the normal concepts of Mafia. The games tell the story of the Galactic War between the Space Monkeys and the Gorillas.

The Original game

In the first Space Monkey Mafia, the Gorillas launched what they hopes would be a decisive strike against the Space Monkeys flagship, the SS Simian.

The twist in the games was that the Townies (Gorillas) all thought that they were Scum. The real informed minority were the Space Monkeys, who won the game.

Space Monkey Mafia 2: Pigs in Space!

The sequel told the story of the next important phase in the Galactic War, namely the Battle for Moonbase Woodgate.

The Town in this game were the Space Pigs. Also present are Space Monkeys and Gorillas. The Pigs knew who were Gorillas and who were Space Monkeys -- but they did not know who are their allies and who are out to kill them!

In the end, the Space Pigs managed to figure out that the Space Monkeys were their enemies and kill them off, but were powerless to prevent the Space Monkeys' allies, the Traitor Pigs (Scum) from taking control of Moonbase Woodgate.

Space Monkey Mafia 3: The Final Phase

In the third and final part of the trilogy, the victors of the Battle for Moonbase Woodgate will attempt to pres home their advantage and bring the War to a successful conclusion.