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  • Decoy
  • Confidant
Alignment: any
Role type:
  • Manipulative
  • Investigative
  • Night

Sidekick is a name given to a few different roles:

  • The Decoy variant, is a similar role to a bodyguard. Every night the sidekick chooses a target, but instead of protecting the target from kills, the sidekick will redirect any other night action that is directed at their target to themselves.

  • The Confidant variant is informative to a small extent. At game start, the sidekick gets a list of roles. Each role may or may not be in the game. The sidekick picks one of those roles. Then every night the sidekick chooses a target, if their target is town and the role they picked, then the sidekick will get a positive result. If their target is not that role or is not town then they will get no result. When you play as this variant it is usually best to choose cop. Then when you find the cop, you can help support their view views and wagons effectively by voting with them on who think is guilty and not voting for who they think is innocent.