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Prefer to be a Pro-town Player. J townie opt16.gif

i copied someone else's table and then edited it to make it less effective and easy on the eyes

sub game deal result ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
road to rome 1769: happy new year by aeronaut (thanx aeronaut) VT; endgamed maff win behemoth of a game, really. a scumteam of 2 newbies replaced out and got usurped by grey and RC. of the three remaining newbies, mbg was the only one without prior experience iirc. RC scumhammered and got away with it (what? unheard of). i more or less got grey, on d3, shortly before rask announced his tracker guilty. went to a 4p mylo, i was obvtown in spite of my best interests, i pegged RC as town since he was disengaged (LOL) (i was right, but not on the town part). RC uh failed a hammertest. cass was more or less the poster child of all of my false positives. RC played really well—he likes to say that his thing is emotional manipulation and whatnot, but i think his skill is in large part working off the cuff and imitating townie thought processes (he "came to the conclusion" about grey the same time i did, lol, kms)
mayfair 684: pixie seven by fakegod (thanks fakegod) rolecop + conditional vig + conditional voteproof; survived goodguys, flawless'd fun, friendly. RC said that he could already tell it was gonna be a town loss D1, and then we killed two maffs in two days. desperado softed lynchproof in a way that i didn't like (why not just say it? that would have gotten me and several others to a favorable lynch way sooner). dunnstral bitched me out for not hammering an obvtown, and i shot him with my vig that only works after no lynch. gamesolved pretty easily from d1 wagon (opportunity for any of 4 people to hammer town with little consequence, didn't)
central park 675: pick your poison x/y by aronagrundy (thancques aronagrundy) draft position 1; cop, killed n2 maffs, flawless (though one outed scum) i had rc (as: prince lyon) kind of pegged d1 and copped him that night but i got roleblocked. i maybe should have faked the guilty but like all of the entire town was hard townreading him. i had that correct scumread and 4 correct (fairly hard) townreads but was pretty off-base everywhere else, which meant that i got shat on after i died, in addition to before, for being right about rc. uffufufuff. these games are why town manipulates, folks
new yawk mini 1900: another normal game by mastina (thangs mastina) vt; vig'd n1 mafiopodes i kind of didn't do anything; didn't have a computer for a chunk of d1 and kind of didn't recover. 2/3 scum lurked/actilurked, and i was heavily targeted for lurking. can't really fault people, i guess. i townread rc pretty hard and then he replaced out cursing me in his dying breath and i was like "ok". days 2-5 took like ten seconds and it was a town loss more than a scum win i think.
road 2 rome newbie 1790 by umlaut (anthranks umlaut) 1-shot bp; endgamed d4 moops we ate and crunched the roleblocker but then our jailydude got eaten and crunched in turn. i wasted a lot of people's energy around day 3 and picked the wrong obvtown in lylo. this is the first loss that i feel largely at fault for which is pretty heavy. since my town skill is like 80% downloading people i've played with and 20% noticing weird rando stuff people do with grandiose implications i probably shouldn't meander to this subforum again.
mayfair micro 712: literally just make shit up as i go along by not_mafia (tharks) vt; shot n3 evil mans game was about as long as a healthy ISO and sukked. like nobody cared and we wagoned a scum d1 but then they claimed an open role and the actual one, like, wasn't there. i hard townread gamma emerald because he did a bunch of stuff that seemed super natural but oops. he proceeded to site flake and let giga replace in and quickhammer
coney island mini 1916: buttersnap shitfuckery by belisarius (fuck you with a sea urchin belisarius) post-restricted dude; died of syphilis d1 town fucking won somehow what the fcuk utterly scumbusted setup where town played like perfectly, excepting myself who screwed up my post restriction and died of syphilis and nancy who universal backup'd my post restriction and very quickly also screwed it up and died of syphilis. i dropped a fucking kickass readlist tho, i had 6 town at some level of townread and 3 of the 4 (!!!!!) scum as scum with 1 as null from dearth of content. i think that more or less mattered fuckall but the rest of the gang pulled through.
mayfair micro 723: untitled by umlaut (wonderful wind, umlaut) ninja; survived we did it bois! """flawless""" i was gifted three mislynches and we almost lost. silly town quickhammer d1, that townie got lynched d2, somebody accidentally fakeclaimed a non-normal role d3. and like the whole time everybody was like "schadd and bins are still probably both scum but we gon lynch this person instead." like holy shit.
mayfair micro 728: perfect blue by leonshade (tongs leonshade) ascetic neighbor got utterly fucked on as i said in endgame, my plan was to join this game with a bunch of obvtown-y type people that i know pretty well and be town and win and my plan horridly backfired
theme parp clash of the gods by isis and osiris (virtuoso/aristophanes) (thankoids guys) buddha, commutey thing [half-hearted release of confetti] your mcm noms are noted and appreciated
theme poorp kidney mafia by lettuce salad (mariomaniac/zaphkael) (thanksconomy guys) liver, VT [we survived] as gonkbadoop taskmaster, hydra with gigabyte scoopadooper. definitely a weird game, there were the same amount of third party members as scummos (two teamed survivors, 1 sk and 3 groupscummos; there were 15 townies). two people got banned out of the game d1, one of them for flaming someone else in the game and the other for white supremacing. we lynched scum d1, people kinda farted around for a while after that and then eventually we lynched the other 3 baddies. all the scum kinda disliked the positions they were in and never got really townread. i thought bins was actually pretty powertown at the end but other people didn't think that which worked out. not really much to learn, i didn't try especially hard and i got some correct scumreads that weren't really difficult to have

how 2 read

i might just suck at scum who knows

home site

dominion strategy forum (forum games need login to view)

i played in M86, M87, RMM37, M92, M94, M96, M98, RMM43, M104, RMM45. i modded M91, M95, M97, M101, M102, M103, M107.

4-4 as town, 1-2 as scum

tee. bee. {h, but spelled out as a word.}

i have been described as a dank memester, a vibrant personality, and a titan in the bedroom. i generally don't capitalize, for stylistic reasons, though i do all of the other grammar stuff. i do all lengths of posts, and i don't think i have any rhyme or reason with regard to activity/post count.

i'm a pretty huge softie and i like it when people argue with each other because emotion is kind of what i inhale as far as reads go but if people are mean to me i will be sad

as i say somewhere in that gamewall, most of my reads come from figuring specific people out and thus i mostly join games based on playerlist. if u see me in a bunch of ur games, consider it a compliment. i might pee on you don't be alarmed

i might take up modding here but i'm like in college. incidentally if there are any cute boys who want to cuddle at u of i at champaign hmu

some songs (people will townread me for this list (wowee what a natural reads progression &c))

boards of canada - whitewater, happy cycling, red moss

clark - frau wav, there's a distance in you, the autumnal crush

beck - debra, hotwax

led zeppelin - houses of the holy, the battle of evermore

fleetwood mac - honey hi, you make loving fun, save me a place

lindsey buckingham/christine mcvie - love is here to stay (holy yikes, ms mcvie has aged like a fine n64 game and mr buckingham is fuckable as ever

odd nosdam - endless 432 w/ teebs, sisters (boards of canada remix)

the beatles - penny lane, dig a pony

bonobo - if you stayed over, nightlite

ratatat - grape juice city, magnifique

mozart - clarinet concerto in A major, K.622, adagio; le nozze de figaro, K.492, overture

mussorgsky - bilder einer ausstellung

vince guaraldi - oh, good grief (vocal)

scatman john - the ballad of love

the lonely island - f**k off