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Roleblocker C9

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  • Roleblocker C9
Setup Size:
  • 7
Setup Type:
  • Anonymous

Roleblocker C9 is an Open setup that was designed by Patrick. As of Septemper 2011, this setup has been deemed unbalanced.

Roleblocker C9

  • 2 Mafia Goons
  • 1 Roleblocker
  • 4 Townies

Standard Role PMs

Mafia Goons

You are a member of the mafia with X. Each night the two of you may talk in private and select another player to kill. If you do this you must also specify which member will perform the kill. You are not forced to kill at night. You win when the town no longer has the majority.


You are the roleblocker. Each night you may choose one player, and they will be blocked from performing any night action. You win when both mafia members have been strung up.


You are a vanilla townie. Sadly, you have no special abilities, just your wits and your vote. Use them wisely to try and weed out the guilty during the day. You win when both mafia members have been strung up.

Completed Games

Open 22 - (Mafia Win)