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Musings. Also on the right you can see little icons I've discovered.

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On Being Mafia

I find that I'm so much better as scum. I learn more about how players think as scum. As scum I think it's so much easier to manipulate players, build cases, identify strong/weak players and etc. When mislynching a townie you want to make sure eveyone who voted had a good reason. It's important that when setting up a mislynch, nobody is going to look back and say "that case you made was bullshit." You don't have to push a lynch. Who cares if nobody gets lynched? Are you single-handedly responsible for the no lynch? What difference does it make to you? You kill people at night. It's better to have a good reason to lynch someone than none.

On Being Town

One thing I've learned as scum is that when you're mislynching someone you absolutely do not want "blood on your hands". This means you don't want people to look back on the lynch and say "what the fuck, how did that happen"? You want people to look at the mislynch and say, ok I can't see how that was a scum motivate lynch. I've never had a situation come to that but saying "oh man time's running out better lynch someone" is terrible thing to say.

Interesting Things

Unvoting someone and then voting them is a scumtell. I know that's weird but don't ever do it.

If it's between you and someone else, hammer them. You never know what they're going to say or who's going to unvote because of second thoughts. It doesn't matter if you're town or scum. Drop the fucking hammer. When someone says "I'm thinking like town" or "I'm considered town" that's a slip.