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Quick Game

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An administrative category for the purposes of moderator waiting lists, a Quick Game is a game with quick deadlines and less list mod oversight than other games. All Quick games must have phase deadlines no longer than 72 hours, and all Quick games are self-managed by the game moderator.

There is no formal Sandbox Queue structure, and there is no limit on Quick Games in sign-ups.

Quick games are played in The Sandbox.


Signups for Quick Games are done in the game's thread. To join a Quick game, players should post in the appropriate thread in The Sandbox ("/in" or "/in to play", for example).


In order to moderate a Quick Game, a moderator must have completed at least one Mafia game outside of The Sandbox as a player and join the Sandbox Game Mod group.

Game moderators may run a maximum of one game in the Sandbox forum at a time, unless prior listmod approval is given for a special exception. You may, however, run a Quick game concurrently with other long-form games you may be running, and Quick games do not count towards the moderation limits that exist throughout the other queues.

Game moderators are responsible for handling their game's signups however they see fit. Game moderators may take /pre-ins for a Quick Game, however when a Quick Game enters signups, the game moderator must list all /pre-ins in the game's thread. It is the game moderator's responsibility to ensure /pre-ins confirm their slots.