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Policy Elimination

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A Policy Elimination is one that is done for arbitrary reasons.

Most commonly, it describes the elimination of a player who is not found to be particularly scummy, but because the player's bad play will hurt the town later on. However, policy eliminations can be requested on other players - for instance, players who claim Vengeful under duress will generally be eliminated.

The efficacy of policy eliminations is a hotly debated topic in almost any game in which it comes up due to the fact that the town arguably loses an opportunity to eliminate a scummy player.

Common reasons for policy eliminations include:

  • Using an ability in a way that is harmful to the town.
  • Spamming the thread.
  • Toxicity.
  • Lurking and posting very little.

Additionally, occasionally a gamestate arises in which for theory reasons, even if a particular player is hypothetically town, an elimination on that player would (paradoxically) be beneficial to the town, or at least not harmful. The player will typically be policy eliminated in this case due to the possibility that they are scum; after all, there is no loss if they are town, and there will be a benefit to town if they are scum. An example would be policy-eliminating the unconfirmed townie in a confirmed townie/unconfirmed townie/Mafia/Werewolf ending; if the elimination went through, the scum would have to shoot each other and cause a town win (see Dilemma), so the scum will refuse to go through with the elimination and confirm themselves in the process.