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Hi, my name is Phillammon... and I'm a scummer.


2-11-2 (Town - 15.4%)
1-5-1 (Mafia - 16.7%)
0-0-0 (Anything Else - 0%)

----Games I am currently playing:
None at the moment
None at the moment.

----Games I have completed playing
Open 366- Substituted in for pinkfloyd on the last night, got nightkilled without so much as a post. I was vanilla townie, mafia won.
Open 379- My first real game on the site, was a vigilante. Played an atrocious first day, saved by my claim and someone else's mistake. Killed in the last night (The Mini Librarian, scum bus driver, anticipated my shot), Mafia won.
Paranoia Mafia- Replaced in Day 1, as a tracker. Loved the flavour, loved the theme, but I wasn't good by any stretch of the imagination. I think I used my role well, as a town tracker, but my day game was hampered by me being utterly tunnelvisioned on Hezlucky. Which I unreservedly apologize for. My first large game on the site, the Illuminati (Mafia) Won, but I reckon I gain some sort of moral victory for directly causing Xalxe to PM the word "Fuckballs" to the mod. Some mod errors, but would definitely play under Magua again!
Mini 1323- Mafia on the Beach!- Played as Head B of the hydra Silverlands. The undisclosed other head was teaching me, to an extent, but then real life kicked in, causing me to actually pull some weight. At that point, we were at L-2. I somehow managed to deflect, but only due to the scumteam helping to derail the wagon, causing me to utterly screw up LyLo. So yeah. Theamatuer was a great mod- good flavour, and not too many mistakes. Would definitely play under theamatuer again.
Quick 9p II- Vanilla townie, got owned in lylo thanks to me being too tired to explain my gambit properly and thanks to the scum having a better explanation for theirs. My bad, we lost as a direct result.
10 Player Jester Marathon- Replaced in for drmyshotgun Day 2. Got almost instantly lynched for lack of a pedit and a lousy internet connection. We lost, but mod flaked, so it was called by the scum after lylo. Probably wouldn't play under mcqueen in a marathon again- no particular errors, just lack of commitment or engagement from him...
Worst Role Mafia-Green Goo (Reflexive Recursive Roleblocker/Vanillaizer), Mafia won, werewolves and town and third parties lost. I spent most of my time unintentionally overreacting to people accusing me of being a cult, due to me being too open, to early. I managed to hammer the penultimate day, catalyze one of the last mislynches, and voted first- and incorrectly- in lylo, costing us the game. So I'm feeling pretty responsible. Setup was amazing, the scum teams played very well, and I was utterly had. Would definitely play under izak again, it was a fun game indeed.
Open 405- Masons and Mafia- Was a town mason, Mafia won. We had given the town a winning strategy, but were ignored by the town. Managed to personally kill off a mafioso with a gambit, at the cost of my own life... Would consider playing under Om again, but reluctantly, given mod bias and having given the mafia a QT to arrange strategy in, which is not balanced for M&M. Still, fun game, albeit with slightly painful flavour.
Open 408- Near Vanilla- Was a Vanilla townie, called due to mod error (treated as a draw). Had a lot of fun, and managed to slightly upset the apple cart by asking precisely WHY we don't self-vote, but all in all I played really badly. Town nearly won, but mod error caused scum to be confirmed town, thus ending the game. Oh well! Would play under chrimi again, but apparently Chrimi's less sure as to whether to mod again...
Spartacus: Blood on the Sand- Was a town neighbour, lynched day 1, got abandoned by the mod. Oh well. No real thoughts, I didn't get as into it as I could've...
Open 414: Nightless Vengeful Mayhem- Vanilla Town, replaced in day 2, Successfully pegged ALL 3 SCUM. I am really pleased with myself on this one. Credit also to the rest of the town, especially MrTrow and JohnnyFarrow, who were doing great analysis too!
Mini 1347- Vanilla Town, Scum won. Replaced in Day 2, was pretty much immediately lynched. Mod flaked, and I didn't really get to stick around long enough to know what was going on. Oh well.
증기 도서관 마피아- I was Crysis, Modified JOAT, Mafia won. I utterly screwed up due to a massive dividing action day 1 over timeater, and nearly personally caused the entire playerlist to request their own replacement. Lost terribly due to me, flavour was awesome and modding was great, would DEFINITELY play under AVox again!
Mafiastuck- Vriska Serket, Bulletproof Townsperson, Town won. I didn't get to contribute much to this game, and it turned into something of a comedy of errors, with both scumteams and both third parties trying their level best to out-stupid each other on several occasions. Good game from town, but I didn't stick around on site to see the end of it.
American Revolution Mafia- Replaced in Day 4 as Member of the Continental Army, Neighbour, got lynched Day 6, Mafia won. I genuinely remember nothing about this game, so... not much to say. Other than the obligatory "the reads I gave in twilight the day you lynched me were dead on LISTEN damnit..."
Ponybash Invitational- I was scum, perfect victory from the town. Day 1 my buddy nexus fell for a fake hammer gambit and outed himself by accident. I made a stupid fakeclaim d2 and an even worse action claim due to being afraid of trackers. From there on, I tried to use argument by insanity (as in, what sane scum would do what I just did?) to try and evade suspicion, but no dice, apparently. Excellent playerlist, and I'm sorry that my inclusion made things so much more formulaic for the town.
Open 403- Donner Party- I was a cannibal goon with Glork, drew with SK. I think I did pretty well here, all things considered, but my last day attempt at gambitting cost me the possible win. On the other hand, a draw isn't all that bad...
Open 413- Duck Duck Goose!- I was scum, and got my first ever win on the site! We were absolutely dragged to victory as a scumteam by a great performance from McQueen, who was a real asset and leader for us. Daytalk most definitely helped, and while much of the scum were successfully pegged by the end, the town were unable to act upon it before it was too late. Unfortunately, we were greatly aided by a moderator error at the last moment, but I would definitely play under LastSurvivor again anyway.
Marketplace Mafia 2- I was scum, victory from town. Things started going wrong pretty quickly. I ended up the last surviving scumteam member, attempted a desperate gambit using the Message ability, got screwed by the rules (or rather my failure to read that you can't send two messages in one day) and we lost. Good game, though, even if town did slightly break it.
Political Corruption Mafia- I was Secretary of the Interior, Mafia Modified Jailer. A good role and a decent breadcrumb early on gave me safety for a little while. And then things started to go horribly wrong. I gambitted 3rd party at lynch point as a hail mary of sorts as last remaining mafia, failed horribly to save myself, lost anyway. I loved the flavour, though, and it was a good game. Very well played by town.
Politics Mafia- I was Rupert Murdoch, Mafia messenger, Serial Killer won. I really, really liked my role as a messenger, and it was townish enough that with a little creative lying I was able to legitimately roleclaim day 2 to avoid a lynch. Unfortunately, everything went downhill from there. I survived a while, then got nightkilled by the eventual winner. In general, good concept, but the execution wasn't great on the voting systems. Particularly given the fact that the mod essentially arbitrarily decided the winner in LyLo, which is NOT okay.
Simpsons Mafia- Apparently, I replaced in as Legs, One Shot Mafia Gunsmith, Town won. I genuinely don't remember this game, but I can only assume I played terribly.

Third Party:
None yet, but I live in hope!

The Chair - Best guess looks to be that the mod abandoned it. Not sure I understood the mechanics anyway, honestly.
Fictionary - Came second to Robotnik2, having joined late. Not bad going, I reckon! Very fun game, would try again if circumstances allowed, and well moderated, in spite of deadline problems.
Hackgammon- Lost to JDGA, after borderline abandonment. I played badly, and made a bad call. Good concept, but I just played badly, and maybe backgammon wasn't the best application of it.
Munchkin Quest- Lead pretty much from the start, but was pipped in the last few turns by Vijay2Vasandani and a flurry of curses. Oh well! Fun game, I may well mod it myself at some point in the near future.
Would I lie to you?- RIP. It was good, but didn't really work with the medium...
Survivor: Sky Pillar- I was Spiritomb, and came 15th. Timings were absoultely horrible for me- I was unable to participate in a majority of the events due to functioning on UK time, not US, and that pretty much stopped me dead. I survived on luck alone as long as I did, and went straight out as soon as people had run out of reasons to keep me around.

----Games I am currently moderating:


----Games I have completed moderating:

Sistine Chapel Mafia- My first try at modding mafia, specifically in marathon. I played using the sistine chapel theme, meaning I had to count votes quicker. This lead to my utter demise when I miscounted due to redpanda repeatedly voting without unvoting, causing me to lynch and flip a player with only one vote. Apart from that massive blunder, however, I also suffered from getting ninja'd for my VCs, and utterly failing to balance the setup. I will try sistine chapel again at some point, but with a more role-heavy setup, and with a clearer head and a program to help me along...
Mini 1354: Vedere le Viste!- My first ever proper game. Town won. This was an experimental setup, where things were a bit unbalanced in favour of town, in return for upsetting the meta. The town had 3 informative roles, none of them able to confirm someone as scum by targeting them- in this case, a role cop; a watcher; and an oracle, an experimental role I thought up that turns out to exist in exactly the same form on epicmafia. This meant that if the town started playing outguess the mod, they'd end up lynching their own PRs and no-one else, essentially. Yabbaguy was an excellent scum leader, unfortunately, Bub Bidderskins, the watcher, thought exactly the same was as him, catching him night 1 and lynching him day 2. Day 1 was also unlucky for scum, Tangion reacting in an unexpected fashion to being attacked and getting lynched, leaving only arugula in the scum team going into day 3. He managed to survive day 3, but was lynched the following day, resulting in a town win. Scum MVP was Yabbaguy for awesome analysis and great deception, Town MVP was Bub Bidderskins for catching him out, however lucky it may have been.
Mini 1399: Buckshot Mafia- Town won with perfect lynches. The twist, or theme, with this game was the Buckshot mechanic. Instead of targeting one person, abilities targeted three people, affecting one of them or all of them depending on the role. This would have been all well and good if I hadn't made the scum nightkill buckshot as well- that turned out to be a horrible balancing mistake. Also, the scum were caught outright lying, which I hadn't considered- since my playstyle as scum is to claim the same role that I have, but flipped to town, I hadn't thought that people would outright lie about role. Ah well. With some tweaks, I reckon it could work again.

AssassIVn- My first try at modding anything on the site- I just wanted to get a feel for how things work, and, partially, to be directed around interesting threads with activity in them by my various players. I made a few mistakes, and this was far too precocious, if I'm honest with myself.
Trouble in Terrorist Town!- The forum adaptation of a video game adaptation of a forum adaptation of a face to face game. There was a great playerlist here, and it was really fun to mod. In addition, the fact that the win was right down to the final action of the game made it remarkably tense, especially as it was the town managing to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. I definitely hope to run a game of TTT again, definitely rebalanced, and probably with a modified map, with actual features, rather than rooms. QT Links: Deadthread Mod Diary Traitor QT
Trouble in Terrorist Town 2: The Terroristening!- Unfortunately... abandoned. Basically, I ran out of time to run it in, and that was the event that caused me to basically leave the site. However, I'm back now, as is evidenced by the fact that I am writing this! So that's good.

My Current Karma: +6
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Paranoia Mafia Murder on the HMS Regalia
Open 366 (Weak MD) Open 572 (Nightless Vengeful Mayhem)
10 Player Jester Marathon Open 762
Open 403 (Donner Party)
Murder on the HMS Regalia
Open 414: Nightless Vengeful Mayhem
Mini 1347
American Revolution Mafia
Simpsons Mafia
Grandest Idea Mafia Grandest Idea Mafia