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Open 1

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Open 1
Forum: Little Italy
Moderator(s): mith
Pie E7
Status: Completed
Winner(s): Mafia

Mafia activities are at an all time high here in Open Junction, a smallish town where everybody knows everybody... or at least, that's how it seemed, until the murders and other crimes started.

In one neighborhood, the innocents townsfolk have finally reached the breaking point, and are determined to take matters in their own hands. Their goal is to weed out the guilty by any means necessary... but that could be anyone.

It's up to them to make the right decisions... or let Open Junction fall further into the hands of the Mafia.


  • Patrick (Mafia Roleblocker)
  • Rosso Carne (Mafia Goon)
  • spectrumvoid (Townie) - Lynched Day 1
  • ShadowLurker (Doctor) - Killed Night 1
  • klebian (Townie) - Lynched Day 2
  • ChannelDelibird (Cop) - Endgamed
  • Primate (Townie) - Endgamed

Vote Counts and Night Choices

Day 1

  • spectrumvoid: 4 (Patrick, Primate, Rosso Carne, ShadowLurker)
  • klebian: 2 (ChannelDelibird, spectrumvoid)

Night 1

  • ChannelDelibird investigated klebian (Blocked).
  • Patrick blocked ChannelDelibird.
  • Rosso Carne killed ShadowLurker.
  • ShadowLurker protected Patrick.

Day 2

  • klebian: 3 (ChannelDelibird, Patrick, Primate)