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NomicScum is a series of games of Nomic begun in April 2012 on

Game 2 Player List

Game 2 was in signups until June 9.

  • jackofspades - 13 points
  • JDGA - 0 points
  • Kcdaspot - 11 points
  • Packbat - 10 points
  • Robotnick2 - 11 points

Game 2: First Circuit of Turns

By the revised Rule 201, the turn order begins after the last person to move in the prior game - i.e. Feirei. Therefore Packbat began.

Packbat's Turn

301. Any player may propose a rule-change whilst the rule change of the player immediately before them in the turn order is being voted upon. If and when their turn begins, the most recent rule-change proposed thus shall be treated as if it were proposed at the beginning of their turn for all rule purposes save those specifying a minimum interval between proposal and voting.
This rule does not grant players the right to have said rule-change voted on before the beginning of their turn.
Votes in favor: Feirei, Packbat, Robotnick2

Robotnick2's Turn

302. If, at any point, a person not currently playing but eligible to join (referred herein as "the Entrant") should make clear that they wish to join the current game, a vote as to whether to allow acceptance into the game is immediately undertaken amongst all current players, using a simple majority voting method. This vote shall last no less than 1 game week from moderator recognition of the entry. If the vote should result in an aye result, the Entrant is immediately accepted into the game, and is placed in the turn queue in alphabetical order. The Entrant shall start at 0 points. If the vote should result in a nay result, the Entrant is not accepted into the game, and is forthwith barred from joining the current game.
In addition, a "replacements queue" shall be created upon the acceptance of this rule with the purpose of replacing any player that should forfeit the game either voluntarily or due to idleness. Any eligible person may apply join this queue, and a vote similar as to the one described above shall be undertaken - if the result should be aye, the player is placed at the bottom of the queue; if nay, the player is not placed in the queue, and is barred from joining the current game. If a player should forfeit the game, either voluntarily or due to idleness, then the first entrant in the queue shall be contacted by the moderator via PM to confirm their willingness to "take over" from the forfeited player. If they should prove willing, they are immediately accepted into the game, are placed in the turn order in alphabetical order, and assume the points total of the departing player; if not, the moderator shall then contact the second in the queue, and then the third, and so on, until a suitable entrant is found. Should the list of replacements be exhausted, then no replacement will be issued for the departing player. Furthermore, if an entrant in the replacement queue should indicate that they wish to immediately join the game, rather than wait for a slot to become available, they will be removed from the replacement queue and join the game immediately, as above.
This rule supersedes and supplements Rule 201.
Votes in favor: Feirei, Packbat, Robotnick2

Feirei's Turn

303. Amend 204 to read: "A rule-change is adopted if and only if it receives support from a simple majority (greater than 50%) of eligible voters."
Feirei did not open voting in time, and on July 3 Judgement was called by jackofspades. Robotnick2 was Judge, and he ruled that Feirei had, by action of not submitting her proposal to vote, broken Rule 203, and by action of Rule 115 should therefore be removed from the game, making the current player jackofspades.

Other activity during turn:

  • Kcdaspot, jackofspades, and JDGA applied for admission to the player list under Rule 302 on June 25, June 26, and July 04 respectively.
  • Kcdaspot was admitted on June 26, jackofspades, June 27, and JDGA on July 04.

jackofspades' Turn

304. Amend 204 to read: "A rule-change is adopted if and only if it receives support from a simple majority (greater than 50%) of eligible voters."
Votes in favour: jackofspades, JDGA, Kcdaspot, Packbat, Robotnick2

Kcdaspot's Turn

305. Amend rule 207 to read as follows: Should a proposal fail to pass, the proposer shall be penalized 10 points. Further, if the proposer is more than half way to the score required to win the game on points, then he/she will be deducted, on top of the normal penalty of 10 points, 2 points for every 20 he/she is above 50% of the score to win on points. The maximum penalty under this method, excluding the initial 10 point penalty, shall not exceed 35 points.
Votes in favour: Packbat, Kcdaspot, Robotnick2, jackofspades
Votes opposed: JDGA

Current Ruleset

Last updated 0324 UTC Saturday, June 23, 2012.

Meta Rules

I. All players must always abide by all the rules then in effect, in the form in which they are then in effect. All Meta Rules are in effect whenever a game begins. Wherever there is a contradiction between any Meta Rules and any other rules, the Meta Rules shall govern. The Meta Rules consist of rules I-V.

II. No changes will be made to the Meta Rules except by unanimous agreement of all players. No changes will be made to the Meta Rules by the agreement of fewer than five players.

III. Each game shall begin with a written ruleset consisting of these Meta Rules and a set of Game Rules. If no game is in progress and no set of Game Rules have been proposed, the winner of the previous game shall have the right to propose such a set. If no such winner exists, or if said winner fails to propose such a set within a reasonable time, or if, after such a set is proposed, no game starts, any person with an unbanned account may propose a set of Game Rules.

IV. Each game shall start with a written player list. The player list shall be drawn exclusively from persons with unbanned accounts.

V. If a game has no players on the player list, the game may be terminated by any person with an unbanned account.

Game Rules

For length reasons, the game rules have been split off onto these two pages.

Game 1 Player List

  • animorpherv1: -6 points
  • Chevre: 21 points
  • Cybele: Forfeited via Rule 113 on May 3, 2012.
  • Feirei: 7 points
  • JDGA: 0 points, winner by Rule 213
  • Lord Mhork: 10 points
  • malthusis: -5 points
  • MonkeyMan576: 10 points
  • Packbat: 0 points
  • Robotnick2: 0 points
  • T-Bone: 10 points
  • Xalxe: 10 points

Game 1 History

First circuit of turns

301. Each player has twenty-four (24) hours from the start of their turn to propose a new rule. In the event that a player does not propose a rule in their turn, their turn is skipped the first time. The second time, they are prodded and have an extra twenty-four (24) hours, and is skipped at the end of the time. The third time, they are eliminated. This rule takes precedence over Rule 201.
Votes in favor: animorpherv1, malthusis, Packbat, T-Bone, Xalxe
Votes opposed: Chevre, CSL, Cybele, JDGA, Lord Mhork, MonkeyMan576, Robotnik2
302. Each player has twenty-four (24) hours from the start of their turn to propose a new rule change. In the event that a player does not propose a rule change in that time, they are prodded. In the event that they still have not proposed a rule change after another twenty-four (24) hours, their turn shall be skipped. Upon a single player's turn being skipped for the third ????? [to be determined] by the action of this rule, they lose and are removed from the player list. This rule takes precedence over Rule 201.
302. An amendment shall be made to Mutable Rule 204. The words "the vote is unanimous among the eligible voters. If this rule is not amended by the end of the second complete circuit of turns, it automatically changes to require only a simple majority." shall be replaced with "a simple majority of the eligible voters vote in favor of the rule change."
Votes in favor: animorpherv1, Chevre, Cybele, Feirei, JDGA, Lord Mhork, malthusis, MonkeyMan576, Packbat, Robotnik2, T-Bone, Xalxe
Votes opposed: --
303. In which a new action is created to be performed on a rule change proposal in-discussion, by the proponent of said rule change proposal.
At any time after a rule change proposal has been made, and discussion has ended, but voting has not, the proponent may TABLE the proposal. Upon Tabling the proposal, voting ends. All current votes will be tallied and scored and the proposal+current votes will be placed in a hold, to be UNTABLED at a later date. The proponent's turn then ends.
In regards to scoring a tabled proposal: A tabled proposal shall not be treated as having failed or succeeded. Scoring shall be otherwise applied as if voting had ended, as described in Mutable Rule 202.
In regards to Untabling, and scoring an Untabled proposal: Any player may Untable a Tabled proposal in lieu of proposing their own rule change. Discussion continues as per a normal proposal, but when voting begins, votes that were held along with the tabled proposal shall be treated as if still in effect. Votes on record shall not be scored with the passage of a tabled proposal, regardless of whether they are changed during the voting process. All other means of scoring persist for a tabled proposal.
A proposal may only be tabled once. When a proposal is untabled, it does not retain its old proposal number.
Votes in favor: T-Bone
Votes opposed: animorpherv1, Chevre, Feirei, JDGA, Lord Mhork, MonkeyMan576, Packbat, Robotnick2, Xalxe
Voting terminated early due to Cybele's forfeiture.
304. Should a player be removed from the game for any reason, any person with an unbanned account may become a candidate to replace the removed player by posting a request to that effect in the thread within 24 hours of the removal. If, after these 24 hours have passed, one or more such candidate has posted, each current player shall be given 24 hours during which they may vote for the admittance of one of these candidates or against the admittance of any candidate. If at the end of the voting one of these candidates has the support of a simple majority of players, that candidate shall become a player.
Votes in favor: animorpherv1, Feirei, JDGA, malthusis (by Rule 205, at deadline), Packbat, Robotnick2
Votes opposed: Chevre, Lord Mhork, MonkeyMan576, T-Bone, Xalxe
305. Never proposed.
On May 28, after Packbat called for Judgment, Feirei ruled that there was no allowance within the rules for a turn in which no proposal was made, and that therefore play could not continue - rejecting an argument (suggested by Packbat) that JDGA had implicitly proposed a null rule change on the grounds that JDGA had made no action implying such. This led to JDGA's victory.