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Night Scene

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A night scene is a narrative or summary of the notable events of the previous night, and is posted as the next day dawns.

Not just any night choice will be outlined in a night scene. In keeping with Less Is More, Game Moderators will usually only reveal deaths. Other night choices are not commonly detailed in night scenes, in order to avoid clearing players based on what is said.

Often, a night scene will take the form of a narrative, and in some cases (like two separate killers targeting each other), things can be made pretty suspenseful if the moderator is skilled in writing.

When a night scene is posted in narrative form, it is usually posted in one of several points of view:

  • The killer's point of view. When a night scene is written this way, the moderator must not reveal the identity of the killer, so frequently they're just referred to as 'the killer' in this point of view.
  • Victim's point of view. Not as common, but usually involves the victim going about his business when he's ambushed and killed by a shadowy figure. Sometimes mods will include flavor relevant to the victim's role (so in the case of a doctor, he's killed on his way back from protecting), but Less is More still needs to be taken into account, and scenes with these details can give the town unnecessary information.
  • Town's point of view. This is the most common type of scene, and it is shown from the perspective of the town in the morning after they have gotten out of bed and convened somewhere. Usually town point of view narratives involve the town noticing missing members in a head count and then actively seeking them out (and subsequently finding them dead).

As a general pattern, night scenes are usually more flavorful than elimination scenes.