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Mod Error

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A Mod Error or Error in Moderation is a mistake made by the moderator that compromises the game to some degree. This can range from miscounting votes and lynching the wrong player, to forgetting to count someone's Night action and therefore resolving a Night phase incorrectly, to accidentally sending the same role PM to two players simultaneously, etc.

The capacity for a moderator to make an error is why moderators should always check twice to make sure that what they are doing is correct, especially when revealing player information (i.e. flips) or processing Night actions.

If and when mod errors occur, moderators should take the minimum amount of action necessary to salvage the game. Here are a few examples.

  • You sent an investigation result to a player who should not have gotten it. You need to forcibly replace that player.
  • You accidentally flipped a player as the wrong role, or perhaps you processed the lynch of a player who should not have been lynched. There is nothing you can do except state what should have happened and continue the game as it is.
  • You did not resolve Night actions properly. The best thing you can do is publicly acknowledge that "a mod error has occurred" without any specifics.

The quickest way to turn one mod error into a string of mod errors is to talk too much. The less you say, the less likely you are to slip and give compromising information. Remember, Less is More.

If you are unsure about what to do, do not be afraid to go to other established moderators and ask for advice. As a moderator, you want to get things wrong as little as possible.