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Amusing/interesting quotes

Keirador: Crunkus is like the undisputed veteran in this game, right? So:

- Crunkus wrote:...

- lecrae wrote: Right now, I just see that reaction testing is a viable option for people in certain situations when passing the potato, and I might end up using it if I don't have a good scumread

lecrae: So I think I'm going to try to cross the mountains at Dead Man's Pass.

Grizzled Mountain Man: Dead Man's Pass, eh? It can be crossed. Plenty of people try, most don't make it out alive between the bears, the snow, the rocks, and the Frost Giants. Most folks who try are fools. Easier to just drive around Route 5. I managed to traverse Dead Man's Pass once, though even when you do it right you've gotta get lucky, and plenty of experienced climbers get lost up there.

lecrae: Right now I just see that Dead Man's Pass is a viable option, and I might end up going up there.

lecrae, your takeaway is technically correct. But just take Route 5, dude.

(Fruit Salad mafia chat)

crunkus: Never worry. The town just hasn't figured out how they are going to lose yet. It always happens.

(Fruit Salad graveyard chat)

just a wonderful gif collection from the graveyard meltdown

(Turbo I lost as mafia)

Mischief: Revival, I forgive your snipe now.

Revival: I almost vigged you last night

Mischief: I almost let you die day one. Aren't you glad we figured out how to cooperate.

Me: I'm not glad :(

From Shield

crunkus (to me) : It stinks to keep drawing scum.

Scum-chat between DJ/SF and EC

"I feel pretty comfortable ruling out a DJ/SF and EC team" -mhsmith

Best moment of the game. - SF

Star Fox Post Game

the-middle-of-the-line: sorry, I was MAFIA night angel, not town night angel


me: In fairness, all of my cop peeks were accurate. :devil:

MU turbo graveyard

SpankGangsta: its okay you're still my favorite person in this site cause you're friendly af <3

MU turbo 2365

Phighter: Get off the LCP wagon until someone explains it to me like I'm five, please

Me: LCP. Is. Probably. A. Wolf.

His. Fake. Seer. Claim. Was. Bull. Shit.

Also. other. Stuff.

now who wants candy? :D

(LCP was a wolf)

MU turbo 2584

me: nah phighter says he's in.

Nachomamma8: welp smith town

me: this sounds more like you KNOW I'm town than you actually got it from tone.

Nachomamma8: i didn't get it from tone; i got it from you being like "fuck rerands"

Rio de Janeiro Mafia

UDC: Just to add on to this: From my familairity with mhsmith0 when he WIMS it up as a villager he makes it very obvious that he is village, and similarly when he posts alot as a wolf he is pretty wolfy. I don't believe I've ever seen him 'lurk' intentionally over an extended period, so assuming he eventually gets into gear in this game he will make his alignment obvious. He is a poor D1 lynch unless he is being preposterously wolfy, which he has not been this game by any stretch.

Open 646

Transcend: Basically my winning move was getting mhsmith lynched and I just couldn't do it. I tried so very very hard though. And I respect being outplayed.

MU Turbo 5694

Cory: hello f3 my old friend i've come to get you wrong again

Newbie 1756 dead chat

Transcend: Every scum's worst nightmare is to have mhsmith0 sub into a scummy town slot.

Legends of Tomorrow AAR (postgame)

shadowfriend1: Oh, mhsmith: you were asking the best questions to be out of the whole town, by far. The way you format them makes them a little less accessible to the town (thank god for that), but every time you asked my a question you were pointing out legitimiately scummy behaviour. Like, every time. It was terrifying. I would advise you in the future not to back off just because you get an explanation: you probably could have caught me lying on multiple occasions.

Thurdbo postgame

Empoof: Manasi and Smith both played the best wolf game i've seen from either of them

I ain't even mad yo