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2017 Game Commentary:

Fable Mafia 9: Halloween

1) Probably one of my more mediocre town performances, but it was good enough to get the win, and I'll always take that :D (especially in multiball)

2) A bunch of fairly odd mechanics, and some odd plays, and a substantial amount of late game apathy (3:1 MYLO with a nearly but not quite 100% cleared townie basically led to a string of no lynches and overall boredom). Combating apathy is not something I'm especially talented at, so I definitely deserve some blame for letting things drag, but at least it did work out in the end.

Newbie 1779: Spring

1) Basically a train wreck. Town played bad (including a pretty silly wagon on me day 1), scum played bad, just one of those games that didn't really go well for anyone involved.

2) I did think that oldwino and Dogwatch, two newbie town players, overall played pretty decently though. They just didn't have much in the way of help from the rest of their teammates.

Newbie 1774: GOATs

1) Game title GOAT, smith GOAT, it all fits :D :P

2) This was a really weird game, to be honest. I thought both scum played pretty solidly in the day phase, and my reads were unusually mediocre, winning mainly through sheer force of effort and weird mechanical plays panning out. I'll take it though, especially the 2-0 town IC record :D

In Memory

1) Somewhat scum-sided game (11v4 with major scum powers, and double scum in my hood), town won on F3.

2) I'd by lying if I said I played especially well (I was pretty well on the lazy side I think), but in general my reads were pretty decent, I don't think I was ever on a mislynch wagon, I didn't drive town off a cliff, and my night actions generally made sense, including a N5 follow on Alisae that effectively locked the game for town. Probably my N3 follow was the wrong move, but I don't know that I really had any particularly better ideas at that point.

Mortal Kombat: Mish-Mash Mafia

1) I played HORRIBLY in this one. Nice to get a rare win that I really didn't deserve; once in a while Lady Luck does smile on me :)

2) 7 of 9 long games on MU I've randed or subbed wolf. Just ridiculous.

3) mor_tilt HARD carried us to Endgame, 15v1, even tho he was peeked town (was godfather) was incredibly difficult. I don't think I could have pulled that off even once if I had 20 tries at it. Extremely impressive.

Mini 1852

1) lol, I was dead for MONTHS in this game and it just wouldn't end.

2) Randed a super nerfed serial killer (no bp, can't control own kill) in a game with a 4-man scum team. Scum-hammered a scum d1, got shot N1. Even my scum game attracts fear kills :lol:

Push and Pull Mafia

1) 8v2 setup, with a mechanic that basically makes it nightless after first scum lynch. I hard catch scum literally one minute after his first post of the game, who gets lynched d1...

2) Day 2 I get mislynched because town didn't like how I was playing. At that point, it's 7v1 nightless, but I leave a legacy of three hard town reads, all of which were correct. Town proceeds to mislynch two of the three and derp and laze its way to the loss.

3) I'll let this one speak on its own, other than noting that there were a whole bunch like it that I got to deal with (while being wagoned and being in clear position to inescapably get mislynched d2). Fun times.

4) A particularly amusing dead chat note from day 3 (and unfortunately prophric) "So was I actually somehow unclear about the substantive, meaningful, important ways in which I hard town read SF, or is town just choosing to pay zero attention to it? It's early enough in the day phase that who knows what will happen, but to be blunt I'm increasingly unsympathetic to this town, and would actually be pretty amused if they somehow actually blew this game to the guy who is literally doing nothing (yet another game to be filed under "things that happen when smith rands town"). I still think that's quite unlikely, but obviously not a promising start to day 3."

Mini 1856

1) That was a lot closer than it should have been, but I'm glad it turned out as a win. Much respect to pisskop for continuing to fight as the last scum (and without a night kill) against a game state that seemed like a lock win for town.

Legends of Tomorrow

1) Losing streak over! Yay! :D

2) Overall I was fine. Pushed one of the scum D1 before CFD'ing onto an active lurker slot at the end of the day, then pushed the original scum slot again D2, this time getting her lynched. Then our vig shot the other scum N2, and that was that.

New Year's Eve Masquerade Ball

1) Definitely one of my poorer outings as town, but honestly the town as a whole was pretty bad.

2) One of the big issues with town was they kept making mechanically bad plays and strategies, and collectively had little real interest in evaluating why what they were doing was sub-optimal and what they needed to do in order to be more effective. I pointed this out a number of times, but was ignored for the most part (when I wasn't outright suspected for "setup spec" and the like).

Turbo Games of Note