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Mario Party

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Mario Party, Short Definition

Mario Party is a Mish Mash game created by animorpherv1, based off of the original game by Nintendo. A game for 4 Players, they go around the board, playing Minigames, and buying Stars. After a predetermined number of turns, the player with the most Stars (and Coins if he/she was tied for Stars) is the winner!

How To buy Stars
To buy Stars, you need to have 20 coins in your Coin Bank (via winning Minigames, landing on Blue Spaces, or landing on certain spaces). You would then have to state that you would want to buy the Star. You would then buy the Star, and it would go to another space, with the Space it was previously on turining back to Normal.

The Shop
If you reach the Shop, you can buy Items in exchange for Coins. Each Item does something, good or bad, and each one costs a seperate amount of coins.

Here were the Items, as well as the Prices:

Item Name Description Price
Double Dice Set Allows the player to roll 2d10 instead of 1 3 coins
Triple Dice Set Allows the player to roll 3d10 instead of 1 7 coine
Halfway Dice Block Allows a player to choose to roll a random number from 1 through 5 1 coin
Warp Dice Block Allows a player to warp to a random space, then roll 2 coins
Snag Bag Allows a player to take a random Item or Hex from a specified opponent 8 coins
Star Pipe Transports a player directly to the Star 15 coins

Hex areas
If you pass through these, you get a Hex (determined in Random by using the dice function). You could either gain coins, get Stars, or even switch places with someone!

Intersections are the forks in the road. You choose to go in one of 2 directions - either Up, Down, Left or Right. Sometimes, if people roll enough, they can reach two or more intersections!

Other Spaces
RED spaces will make you lose 3 coins.
BLUE spaces will make you GAIN 3 coins
FRIEND spaces make you choose someone, and you both get 5 coins! Your space color turns Green, but will change to red/blue later.
On a GREEN space, an event will happen to you, depending on the location. Your space color turns GREEN, but will change.
DUEL spaces are where you will challenge a player to a Duel! Your space color turns Green, but will change later.
BOWSER Spaces make a random BAD EVENT happen. Your space color is RED.

How to Play
After 4 people have signed up, the mod rolls a d10 for each player. The person with the highest roll goes first, through to the lowest going last. Reroll if you need to. Then the mod would tell the order, and the first player would go, by rolling a d10 and moving that many spaces, getting hexes, passing Intersections, and getting Items, if they pass the right spaces.

After everyone has moved, then the players start to play a minigame. If anyone landed on a green space, then the mod rolls to get the person a red/Blue. Depending on how many people get each color, a minigame of a certain type happens:

A 4 vs. 4, where everyone "landed" on the same color. A 2 vs. 2, where 2 people landed on each of Red and Blue. A 3 vs. 1, where 1 person landed on a different color than the rest. A Battle, which may happen at any turn, no matter who gets what. Each player loses coins (#round x2) and then plays a Battle minigame to win a certain amount of coins - a different amount for each position, with first getting the most, and 4th getting none.