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Mallowgeno Mishmash Ratings

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Alright, so the idea of some sort of currency has been going around for winning or losing mishmash games. So I am going to start keeping track of player's ratings that have participated in my games, starting with The FUNORB Duel.

Everyone starts off with 2000 rating. Rating is either gained or lost based on how well you do or how much you fail. Players cannot go lower than 0 rating. If a player abandons a game, they lose 1000 rating and are placed on my watch list and receive a strike (color changes to green). 3 strikes and you're out (color goes from green to yellow to red). If a player abandons a game but can explain themselves sufficiently, they will only suffer 200 rating loss and may or may not receive a strike.

Player Rating
Quilford 5000
animorpherv1 4700
cjdrum 4250
Xalxe 4100
Ravel 4000
JDGA 3750
Mist7676 3500
Lowell 3500
Tragedy 3050
redFF 3000
RedPanda 3000
borkjerfkin 3000
chevre 2500
mastermind 2500
drmyshottyizsik 2300
jmj3000 2300
CSL 2250
DeasVail 2200
TheBadOne 2200
kdowns 2150
Espeonage 2000
Misder 2000
FourseenCircumstance 1960
izakthegoomba 1950
Cybele 1750
Human Destroyer 1750
swyellowtail 1750
gandalf5166 1000
Drench 1000
kiwieagle 1000
Tomie Uzumaki 1000

Games With Rating:

Word Morph-JDGA 1st (+1000), Quilford 2nd (+500), cjdrum 3rd (+250)

The FUNORB Duel-cjdrum 1st (+2000), Mist7676 2nd (+1500), Tragedy 3rd (+1000)

Coin Game-Quilford 1st (+2500), Ravel 2nd (+2000), Lowell 3rd (+1500)

Mario Party Scum-animorpherv1 & Xalxe 1st (+2000), borkjerfkin & RedPanda 2nd (+1000), TheBadOne & DeasVail 3rd (+250)