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(I'm the first person to actually precisely describe the "2 mafia lovers and 4 townies nightless" setup, though I didn't use the name Lovers Mafia at the time --
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|Title=Lovers Mafia
|Setup Size=Micro
|type=Micro Open
[[Lovers Mafia]] is an [[Open]] setup mainly characterized by the absence of Townie [[power roles]] and two Mafia Lovers.
The original idea was created by [[xyzzy]].
*2 {{setuprole|Lover|Mafia Lovers}}
*4 {{setuprole|Townie|Vanilla Townies}}<br /><br />
*In the event of a Mafia Lover being lynched, their partner will suicide immediately, giving victory to town.
*Mafia win when they control 50% of the town.
*Mafia have Daytalk in a private quicktopic for the duration of the game.
==Role PM's==
===<div style="color:red">Mafia Lover</div>===
* Welcome, [Player Name]. You are a '''Mafia Lover''', along with your partner, [Player Name].
*Factional communication: At any time during the game you may talk with your partner here [QuickTopic link].
*Lover's Angst: If you or your partner is lynched at any point in the game, the other will automatically suicide.
'''Win condition:'''
*You win when you control 50% of the town.
===<div style="color:green">Vanilla Townie</div>===
* Welcome, [Player Name], you are a '''Vanilla Townie'''.
*Your weapon is your vote, you have no other abilities.
'''Win condition:'''
*You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.
* Presuming that the Mafia aren't on a fellow Mafia member's lynch, it requires every member of the Town to lynch the Mafia.  Thus, the [[The EV Project|60% expected Town win rate]] is deceiving.
* The game can end on Day 1.
== Completed Games ==
{{:Lovers Mafia/Stats}}

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