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  • Keystone
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Keystone is a symmetrical setup designed around the concept of the Mafia needing to protect one particular town-sided player. This makes it possible for the town to find associative tells with that player, meaning that the Mafia are easier to find than they would be in most similar setups; in turn, this makes it possible to keep the player numbers under control even in the absence of power roles.


  • n Mafia Saviors
  • 3n Vanilla Townies
  • (One Vanilla Townie is actually a Saviee, the "Keystone". But they get a Vanilla Townie role PM.)


  • The Mafia all share a Savior target, the "Keystone". They may choose who this is during confirmations (they must choose a townie).
  • The Mafia know who the Keystone is (they chose them). The town do not, not even the Keystone themself.
  • The Mafia win by endgaming the Keystone.
    • This means that if the Keystone is eliminated, the town wins.
    • This also means that the Mafia cannot choose to nightkill the Keystone (as this would violate their win condition).
    • The Keystone is endgamed once the Town loses control of the elimination vote, i.e. the number of Mafia members equals the number of townies.
  • Compulsive day votes and nightkills:
    • The town as a whole must eliminate someone every Day, probably using plurality voting.
    • The Mafia must use their factional kill every night.
  • This setup is not designed around the use of daytalk (although it probably wouldn't unbalance things too much if you chose to add it).

Role PM's

Vanilla Townie

Welcome, [Player]! You are a Vanilla Townie.


  • You might be the Keystone; the Mafia know, but you don't. If you are, then your elimination via the Day vote will automatically win the setup for Town.
  • Otherwise, you have no special powers.

Win Conditions:

  • You win if you wipe out all the Mafia.
  • You win if the Keystone is eliminated via the Day vote.
  • You lose if the Mafia's numbers equal yours, and the Keystone is still alive (i.e. if the Mafia endgames the Keystone).

Mafia Savior

Welcome, [Player]! You are a Mafia Savior.


  • The other members of the Mafia are names. You may talk to them, during Night phases and confirmations, in this thread.
  • Each night, one member of your faction must perform a kill. This kill cannot be on the Keystone.
  • During the confirmations phase, your faction must collectively select one Town-aligned player as the Keystone (and inform the moderator of who your choice is). You will lose if this player is eliminated via the Day vote.

Win Conditions:

  • You win if your numbers equal the Town's, and the Keystone is still alive (i.e. if you endgame the Keystone).
  • You lose if the Keystone is eliminated via the Day vote.
  • You lose if all the Mafia are eliminated.


  • As this setup contains an instant-win condition, it is likely best not to run it with a very large number of players. 3:1, 6:2, and 9:3 are likely the best ratios to use.
  • It's important to preserve the odd/even balance of the setup even upon modkills occurring; thus, they should probably end the day in all cases. A modkill of the Keystone should be treated as an automatic town loss, as it will make the setup impossible to continue.


The number of players is not fixed. The ratio shown here is likely the best; in particular, a 3:1 LyLo works better in this setup than a 2:1 LyLo, so an even number of players is preferred. Nonetheless, some odd-numbered ratios have been considered; 5:2, 6:3, and 8:3 have all been suggested as reasonable, and may be considered if you want to run this setup but have the wrong number of players. (Note that town has a large advantage in setups with an odd number of players, so the ratio needs to adjust to compensate; 7:3 is clearly scumsided even though one of 6:3 and 8:3 is likely to be balanced.)

Note that unlike most setups, this setup functions correctly even with only 1 Mafia member; the Mafioso serves as an informed minority due to knowing the identity of the Keystone (someone who they have to try to keep alive). As such, it can be used even at very small sizes.


Micro 807 - (Mafia Win)
Micro 842 - (Mafia Win)