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Jungle of Bullshit

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  • Jungle of Bullshit
Setup Size:
  • 5
Setup Type:

Jungle of Bullshit, originally but now lesser known as Who Needs a Fifth?, is a 5-player Open Setup devised by Patrick at Scumdon the Second, inspired by BBmolla's We Need A Fifth.


  • 3 Mafia Goons
  • 2 Vanilla Townies


  • Daystart
  • Nightless
  • If a townie is eliminated Day 1, they do not die and must instead immediately kill two other players.
  • If a mafia member is eliminated day 1, they must immediately confirm one of the town players as town and then kill one of their buddies.
  • Town win when all mafia are dead. Mafia win if a town player is eliminated on Day 2.


  • For larger setups, add more Mafia Goons. Increase the number of buddies that an eliminated scum must kill and the number of venge shots granted to an eliminated townie accordingly.

Role PMs

Vanilla Townie

  • Welcome, [Player Name], you are a Vanilla Townie.


  • Your weapon is your vote, you have no night actions.
  • If you are eliminated day 1, you are not eliminated and instead given a two-shot compulsive dayvig.

Win condition:

  • You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.

Mafia Goon

  • Welcome, [Player Name]. You are a Mafia Goon, along with your partners, [Player Name] and [Player Name].


  • Factional communication: At any time during the game you may talk with your partners here [QuickTopic link].
  • If you are eliminated day 1, you must confirm one of the town players as town and kill one of your buddies.

Win condition:

  • You win when all members of the town have been eliminated or nothing can prevent this from occurring.


The EV is always between 40% and 50%, assuming random eliminations Day 1. It reaches the minimum of 40% with 5 or 6 players and the EV increases if more players are added above this. If only 4 players are used (as in We Need A Fifth), the EV is 41.7%.

If p is the number of players, the EV is (p2-3p+6)/(2p2-2p).