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Jester Nightless

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  • Jester Nightless
Setup Size:
  • 9
Setup Type:
Jester Nightless is an attempt at creating a balanced Micro Setup around the Jester. It was originally written by Crazy as an 8p setup for Micro 13, but its current form was codified by Moneybags.


2 Mafia Goons

5 Vanilla Townies

1 Jester


  • Nightless
  • Mafia have daytalk.
  • The Jester has until end of D3 to be eliminated, and will suicide on D4.
  • Jester elimination ends the game.

Role PM's

Mafia Goon

Welcome, [Player]! You are a Mafia Goon.


  • Factional Communication: At any time, you may talk to your group here [Link].

Win Conditions:

  • You win if at least half of the living players are mafia (or if nothing can prevent the same).

Vanilla Townie

Welcome, [Player]! You are a Vanilla Townie.


  • You have no abilities other than your voice and your vote.

Win Conditions:

  • You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive.


Welcome, [Player]! You are a Jester.


  • Suicide: On Day 4, you will commit suicide and exit the game.

Win Conditions:

  • You win if you are eliminated by the Day vote at any time.


Micro 772 - (Mafia Win)