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Prefer to be a Pro-Mafia Player. J promafia sign opt16.gif

Hi, I'm JacksonVirgo (pronounced JacksonVirgo)


"I am pretty shocked we won this given how loaded town was. Jackson really carried" - Titus

"jacksons playstyle in terms of in thread and outside-of-thread play was incredible" - ManateeDude

"I cannot beleive I let go of my paranoia scum read goddamn JV that mother fucker" - Momrangal

"I got the JOAT in JVs head and now he's using it against town. Uggghhhh" - Momrangal

"Jackson esp is top tier scum." - MathBlade

Completed Games, As of 24th October 2020

Game Name Role Result Notes
Newbie 1963 Vanilla Townie Loss Learned that I'm not that easily town-read like I thought I was and I had to try harder as Town to be eliminated in endgame.
Newbie 1968 Vanilla Townie Win I've gotten more confident in my plays here
Newbie 1974 Mafia Goon Loss Utter failure of a game, which makes sense as it's my first scum game on this site. I learned here that interactions with your partners is extremely important.
Large Normal 225 Vanilla Townie Win Regardless of the win, I played like ass because I was over-confident in myself.
Newbie 1982 Vanilla Townie Win I've gotten more confident in my plays here
Newbie 1987 Vanilla Townie Win I lost serious WIM near the end of the game, the win was on Maduisha.
Newbie 1990 Vanilla Townie Win Clearly my best Town game so far, caught both scum on D1 and was killed N1 because of it. This was a perfect town game.
Newbie 1993 Mafia Goon Win Not my best game overall, although I did fairly decently with my fake doctor claim. Although overall the game is not the greatest as I didn't win via deceiving I won because one town was afk throughout the last day and no elim happened.
Open 779 Town Tracker Win Got first in the draft and was so confused the whole game. A win is still a win.
Mini 2144 (Upick) Magic Cylinder Win Fairly strong town-game, won via mechanical reasons.
Large Normal 228 1-shot Bulletproof Serial Killer Loss Replaced in right at the end of the game and claimed a role that explicitly wasn't Normal. It was a learning experience at the end of the day, a game I will likely joke about for centuries.
Large Normal 229 Mafia Even-Night Watcher Win One of the strongest and most fun Mafia game I've ever played and I learned a lot about the power of bussing and doing so only at the right times.
Open 787 Town Backup Bus Driver Win My reads were not the greatest however my day-play was strong enough to get me lock-towned, Town also chain-elimmed Mafia after D1. I think my bias of shellyc is the one that made my reads bad. MiniMegabyte (second hydra head) hit the nail on the head for one of the scum though. Not a bad game at all.
Micro 986 Mafia Goon Loss I had a plan to get myself eliminated after getting both of the Mafia into the Coalition and appear like I was really needing to get into it so that my buddy got a free ride to a win but it didn't work out entirely which is sad. My day-play and manipulation was good though so not complaining.
Bears with Guns Mafia Goon Win Starting D2 we did an awesomely timed gambit to eliminate a scum, get the town-cred and soar to the end-game. We hit a road bump in LYLO, but we overcame it awesomely. DGB is a fun person to be a buddy with, their comments in the mafia PT were hilarous.

Hosted Games, As of 30th October 2020

Game Name Result Notes
Open 784 - Hard-Boiled Town Win Learned the basics of hosting a game on MafiaScum including a general idea on how often vote counts are needed.
Newbie 2027 - Doggos Town Win Got a better understanding over the basics of hosting game.
Mini Normal 2174 - Korean Pop Music Mafia Win I've learned how swingy a setup can be and how I can see it and change it, although the setup itself is decent, how it ran out was unfortunate.
Micro 989 - Never Trust Trees Mafia Win Upon running this I found how easily it would be to counter the setup via the Mafia Shady claiming who the Goon is instead of the Flagbearer, not as +ev as expected but it inverts Town's expectations. Setup is fairly decent but would work better as a faster game with faster phase timers.