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Hudz is a strategy in No Reveal games of keeping one's role secret to try to survive as long as possible, gather as much intel as possible, and perhaps lure scum into fakeclaiming.

The Hudz strategy is named after Hudzon10 from wlf-067, a game in which on Day 4, the village voted to lynch the gravedigger, Hudzon10, after he counterclaimed "a day late" against TheInquisitor's D3 gravedigger claim.

Axl variant

The Hudz strategy worked better in wlf-069, in which Axl based his D4 lynch vote on a fakeclaim by Sol of being gravedigger. It turned out that Axl was the real gravedigger, but he never claimed it; he said that his vote was based on meta, but admitted in postgame that this was false. He also noted:

2019-Aug-13 08:07:00 Axl So the secret to good hudz play is never reveal anything no matter what