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Help:Page history

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One of the primary features of most wikis is the ability to view older edits to a page, and go back and edit from them if something gets screwed up in the current version. The history tab at the top of each page allows you to access these old versions.

When viewing the page history, several additional tools become available:

  • (cur) shows the difference between that version and the currently saved version of the page.
  • (last) shows the difference between that version and the one that was saved before it.
  • You can also toggle the radio buttons next to any two revisions and display the changes between the two. This is useful for spotting deletion of material (accidental or otherwise) and narrowing down where a piece of information was changed.
  • A datestamp, author, and edit summary are visible for every revision of the page.
  • For sysops, the most recent revision will have the rollback link next to it.

See also Help:Rollback.