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Game 1~6: Good ol' Newb Time

Newbie 1328: This is Flavor

The Stage
Director quadz08
Puppets GuyInFreezer JKMatthews Earlder1 UberNinja Disturbed_One rabbiteater jon_h61 kittiekatt Maestro
Roles Vanilla Townie Vanilla Townie Town Jailkeeper Vanilla Townie Mafia Rolecop Vanilla Townie Mafia Goon Vanilla Townie Vanilla Townie
Status Survived and Won Survived and Won Killed Night 1 Killed Night 2 Lynched Day 2 Survived and Won Lynched Day 3 Lynched Day 1 Survived and Won

My first game in this site along with my first town game in this site. With my luck, all the PRs were outed day 1. I got the general hold of the game by day 2, which make some people very paranoid of me, which lasted until the endgame. In day 2, I whiteknighted the living hell out of the IC, UberNinja. And then I led the lynch on the claimed cop Disturbed_One, which happened to be scum rolecop. We managed to lynch the last scum, jon_h61, and win the game! Everyone played a great game.

Newbie 1339

The Stage
Director Jackal711
Puppets GuyInFreezer Remembrance Varsoon RandomYoshi marcmann2 fuzzybutternut kuror0 Nobody Special Nachomamma8
Roles Mafia Goon Vanilla Townie Vanilla Townie Vanilla Townie Mafia Rolecop Vanilla Townie Town Doctor Vanilla Townie Vanilla Townie
Status Survived and Won Lynched Day 1 Endgamed Endgamed Lynched Day 3 Lynched Day 4 Killed Night 1 Lynched Day 2 Killed Night 2

My first replace-in game and my first scum game. I replaced Nabber D1, and played one hell of a scumgame. Remembrance kept his suspicion on me until I pulled off the reaction test on RandomYoshi, who was also under in scruntiny but town, which made many people townread me. Nobody Special quickhammered(?) Remembrance Day 1, which I felt guilty of because he was obvious town to me. :( Day 2, Nobody Special ate rope for that quickhammer. By that time, so many people randomly claimed that me and my scumbuddy (dat lurker) were able to figure out the setup. We made a plan to counterclaim each other with a PR day 3, which made me confirmed town after my buddy flipped rolecop. I rode that conftown status and quickhammered fuzzybutternut for the win. This is my first scumgame and yet I feel like this is the best scumgame I've ever played.

Newbie 1338 - The Taco Bell Takeover

The Stage
Director BBmolla
Puppets GuyInFreezer Apozzle Supah Ninja Desperado FLLHawk Your Troubles Will Cease Revenus The Central Scruntizer nhammen
Roles Town Jailkeeper Vanilla Townie Vanilla Townie Mafia Goon Town Cop Vanilla Townie Vanilla Townie Vanilla Townie Mafia Rolecop
Status Survived and Won Lynched Day 1 Killed Night 1 Lynched Day 2 Killed Night 2 Survived and Won Killed Night 3 Lynched Day 3 Lynched Day 4

This is my first PR game. I replaced in as a town jailkeeper, and led a lynch on Apozzle Day 1, which he flipped town. I learned a lot from that lynch alone: refusing to compromise is not always scum, and scum can WK too. FLLHawk played one hell of a cop and managed to lynch Desperado, who was being widely townread by everyone and happened to be a mafia goon. It was about then I came up with an "autowin" strategy, which was kinda shaky but managed to pull through. YTWC made a right choice on hammering nhammen, the remaining mafia, over me in LyLo. Everyone played a great game overall.

Amnesiac Mafia

The Stage
Director T-Bone
Puppets GuyInFreezer PeregrineV Sirdanilot Human Destroyer Loranthaceae fuzzybutternut Svenskt Stal JacobSavage Nachomamma8
Roles Town Town Town Town Town Town Mafia Encryptor Town Mafia Janitor
Status Endgamed Vengekilled Killed Lynched Lynched Killed Survived and Won Killed Survived and Won
Puppets Popsofctown Zackattack Cephrir Vifam chesskid3 fferylit serrapaladin Nobody Special PLACEHOLDER
Roles Mafia Strongman Town Town Town Town Town Mafia Rolecop Town PLACEHOLDER
Status Lynched Lynched Endgamed Killed Killed Killed Survived and Won Lynched PLACEHOLDER

This game was my first successful attempt at playing a large game. Day 1 already started to go hectic for me. I newbed out most of the time. People were very eager to lynch Loranthaceae and he got lynched some day. I think the problem with the town play in general was that we were more looking for confirmed town via PRs rather than scumhunting. Anyway, town took the loss straight to their faces with the HD lynch in MyLo.

The Cult 2

The Stage
Director Zoraster
Puppets GuyInFreezer AngryPidgeon AJ the epic ArcAngel9 Pimhel Remembrance DeltaBacon thenewearth Kid A
Roles Cult Apostle Cult Leader 1-shot Roleblocker Innocent Child Vanilla Townie Cult Recruit Vanilla Townie Vanilla Townie Vanilla Townie
Status Survived and Won Survived and Won Lynched Day 1 Lynched Day 2 Lynched Day 3 Survived and Won Endgamed Lynched Day 4 Endgamed

Cult game! This game had a unique role that cult leader dies upon apostle's recruiting. I started this game as town protector and was recruited by AngryCultLeader Night 1. During Day 2, I figured out that AngryPidgeon was a cult leader and protected him the next night while recruiting Remembrance. Cult had an easy victory with cult leading the town who to lynch and town failing to lynch, giving cult the opportunity to lynch whoever they wanted to lynch. But I'm still satisfied with the outcome because I played well.

Micro 143: Bad Blood Vengeful

The Stage
Director Nachomamma8
Puppets GuyInFreezer Larry David Jake the State Farm Alexellent guille2015
Roles Vengeful Townie Mafia Goon Vengeful Townie Vengeful Townie Mafia Godfather
Status Lynched Day 1 Survived and Won Endgamed Vengekilled Day 1 Survived and Won

This game taught me to not second-guess too much. Basically, town nailed scum by page 3, and then the game went to apathy, I ended up getting lynched and I shot the wrong person even though I was sure of the godfather and the good.

Game 7~10: That One V/LA

Mini 1440 - Unoriginal Mafia

[Replaced Out]

But my slot got lynched Day 1 so this still counts. Ultimately, town won.

Newbie 1358: Bisquick

Micro 164: Epic Mafia

The Fortnight

Game 11~15

Micro 161 - No Newbie-Newbie

Micro 176 - Won't You Be My Neighbor 2 of 4


Micro 158: borkgame

Micro 163: Maestro has a Great Idea!