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Faerie Forsythe-Edwards Notation

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Chess variants come in all shapes and sizes, so this is necessarily complex. I'll try to keep the instructions simple, though.

In order to represent a board using unusual pieces or shapes, you will use something very similar to Forsyth-Edwards Notation, I'm calling it Faerie Forsyth-Edwards Notation (FFEN). There are some other version of FFEN around, but none are complete. (Standards are fun, so I decided to make my own. )

Here are the rules for the notation:

  • Each square with a piece located on it will have it's contents reqresented inside parens. () *note the exception for FEN compatibility
  • Start in the upper left corner of the board.
  • If the square is empty, type a dot "." (alternately, you can specify the number of consecutive empty squares)
  • If the square does not exist, type a dash "-"
  • If you are at the end of the row, add a slash "/"
  • I have kept all the notations for the white and black pieces from FEN. So, for standard pieces you MAY use rnbkqp for black pieces or RNBKQP for white pieces and leave off the parens.
  • If there is a piece there that is non-standard (or even for standard pieces, if you want consistancy):
    • Determine its color and type in the letter representing it (see FaeriePieces). As of this writing there are five possible colors.
      • If it is black, type "b" (sans quotation marks)
      • If it is white, type "w"
      • If it is green, type "g"
      • If it is red, type "r"
      • If it is "neutral" (gray), type "n"
    • Determine its name (see FaeriePieces). Type it next to the color
    • Determine its rotation. Not all pieces have rotated graphics (see FaeriePieces). If it is rotated, type its *clockwise* rotation (in degrees)