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Eliminate-or-Lose, or ELo, is a game state wherein the Town must eliminate scum during the present Day phase or they will lose the game (often by being endgamed by scum). It is also called Eliminate-right-or-lose.

It is also known as LiLo, standing for "Lim-or-lose".

It is generally easy to tell when a game is in ELo because there will only be one more Town player alive than the number of scum. For instance, if there are five players alive and two of them are scum (thus three of them are Town), the game is in ELo. This can be adjusted for the presence of multiple killing groups, but the premise remains the same.

See also MeLo.

ELo is not to be confused with the Elo rating system.

It is discouraged due to the harsh racial history of the word "lynch" to refer to this game state as "LyLo", standing for "Lynch-or-Lose".