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Discworld Mafia

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Discworld Mafia
Forum: Theme Park
Moderator(s): Polotet, Dragon Slayer
Status: Completed
Winner(s): no outcome yet
All posts after Night 7 are lost

Discworld Mafia: Anarchy in Ankh Morpork was a large normal mafiascum game played in the Sicily forum in the pre-Crash archive. It began November 29, 2002 however the end date (and everything after Night 7) was lost in a Crash.

Because of the data loss the full setup, night actions, and even the winners of the game are unknown.

Polotet and Dragon Slayer won a 2003 Scummies Award for Best Theme Adaptation. JohnWWells also won a 2003 Scummies Award for Best Role Claim during the course of this game.


The players and known roles in Discworld Mafia were: