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Ok, seems to me that mikehart must've targeted Vraak X, unless there is a killer around with immunity to V X's ability.

Which begs the question: Why?

And where did all the other kills go? Were they blocked? Or did the maf try and get mikehart (who would've died anyway due to V X's ability)

Meta-game: I'm going overseas and my internet access is going to be sporadic at best. If you feel I'm not posting enough it's not that I'm lurking it's just that I can't get to an internet cafe. Feel free to replace me if I drop off the face of the earth but I will try to keep up... I'll just go lite on the analysis side of things.

I'm now back. FWIW, I was away from the 19th of may to the 20th of june.

Miscellaneous impressions of China: I spent one week in Shanghai and two weeks in Beijing and I must report that they are both really cool places to visit. Beijing is more heavily touristed than Shanghai, with more people speaking English and as a consequence the merchants are more agressive... which can get very draining by the end. I mean, you can't even walk the Great Wall without people trying to flog you tee shirts. But if you're into 'culture shock' and have an open-mind its a really fascinating place to go through.

I definitely try to go back someday, hopefully once I've learned a bit of the language. If you get the opportunity to go I recommend you take it.


(snipped from bio of a scum player thread)
Username on CurtainDog, CD
Real First Name:Richard
Age:23 (seems to be a popular theme)
Marital Status: in love
Employment: student
Something You're Proud Of: I'm good at figuring things out for myself.
Something You're Not-So-Proud Of: I can't get those 'magic eye' things to work.
Something You Love About Yourself: I do lots of stuff without being particularly good at any of it, i.e. I don't take myself too seriously.
Something You Wish You Could Change About Yourself: I get lost in crowds. Really.
Your Crowning Moment on Ummmm... I think I lived through (and won) my first four games here. But that's all lost now, so you'll just have to take my word for it
Your Worst Moment on Being a frustrated ghost in "Still alive". Not that it was bad that I lost, it just would have been really cool if I'd pulled it off.
Favorite Book: 'Slaughterhouse five' - at the same time the most enjoyable and chilling book I've ever read. 'Godel, Escher, Bach' is fantastic too.
Favorite Movie: 'the Godfather' (what else?), followed by 'fight club', or maybe 'memento'
Favorite Music/Song: 'let it be' or 'a day in the life' - beatles
Pet Peeves: Probably everything at some stage or another - too much of anything is annoying.
At the moment: teammates who get sent off for talking back to the ref - repeatedly
Previously: people who answer their mobile phones in lectures (either when you're the caller (so you end up feeling bad) or you just happen to be in the lecture at the time)
A Profound and Entertaining Quote: If we do not succeed we run the risk of failure - Dan Quayle