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Contagion in the Palace

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  • Contagion in the Palace (CITP)
Setup Size:
  • 6
Setup Type:

Contagion in the Palace is Assassin in the Palace modified to use the Contagion mechanic to decide who gets eliminated

There is one King , one Assassin , and the remainder of the players are Guards who are all told the identity of the King.

The Assassin has no suicide bomb in this. He is instead granted the power to kill another player at the time of his elimination. Their goal is to identify the King so that they can use this kill against him. If the Assassin successfully kills the King, then they win, otherwise the King and Guards win. The Assassin doesn't need to survive to win.

This setup differs from normal AITP in that the Contagion mechanic is used to decide all eliminations after day 1. The Contagion mechanic works as follows. The first elimination is achieved by a majority vote against one player. Once that player is eliminated, he is infected with a disease. That player then dies as they give the disease to another player. The next player then dies as they give the disease to another. This process continues until the disease has been given to the assassin. Once the assassin has the disease he has to try to give it to the king. If he succeeds, then he wins. If he does not, then the guards and king win


  • 1 Assassin
  • 1 King
  • 4 Guards

Role PM's


  • Welcome, [Player Name]. You are the Assassin.


  • It is your goal to give the disease to the king. Guarantee his death and the inevitable fall of the kingdom

Win condition:

  • You win if the king dies, regardless of whether you die.


  • Welcome, [Player Name], you are the King.


  • You have no abilities, but your survival is crucial to the kingdom. It is your job to avoid catching the disease.
  • The Guards all know your identity, but you do not know theirs.

Win condition:

  • You win if you survive.


  • Welcome, [Player Name], you are a Guard.


  • It is your duty to protect the King who is [Player Name] from death.
  • You and every guard know the identity of the King.
  • You don't know who is guard and who is assassin.

Win condition:

  • You win if the King survives.

Mod Notes

The setup is fair and balanced with 6 players due to the laws of provable randomness

The game thread should never be locked while the game is running. A player's role is revealed the instant they become infected. All players will know the disease carrier's alignment as they are selecting their infection target

Pro-Kingdom Strategy

In AITP it has been presented that the best chance for the town to win is to quick elimination every day without having discussion. However it has never been easy to orchestrate this plan in AITP. This setup allows for that strategy to be performed without the need for a majority elimination each game day. All deaths after day 1 are decided by a vote of one. A decision made by the current infected player to infect another player. This effectively quickens all deaths without the need for the kingdom to organize and consistently utilize its size to find the assassin.

When a player becomes infected, their alignment will be revealed. If that player is guard, other guards may desire to help them. If that player is the assassin, other players may desire to trick them. Optimal town play is to remain silent regardless of the infected's alignment. An infected guard will never target the king. They will only target another guard or the assassin. So the spread of infection will inevitably target the assassin before it ever hits the king

When the assassin is considered for infection, it will be distinctly anti-town of them to plea their innocence, as optimal town play is to infect and be infected silently. Thus the assassin's best chance of winning is to survive as long as possible. That will reduce the number of kill choices available to them at the time of their infection. Thus they will have better odds of infecting the king with the disease. This version of AITP can function like a lottery.